Imagine that you are a bowman.

Prepare to shoot your arrow into the bulls-eye. Feel the wind blowing in your face, the earth beneath your feet, the sun rays in your face, the mental chatter, picture everything, feel it.

You begin to tense the bow, aim for your target, take a long breath, and release the arrow.

You missed it. There is too much wind.

Good to know there are still plenty of arrows.

Take another shot, but this time, take the wind into account.


Your ability to focus solely on what is directly under your control and do something about it is what will determine whether you able to enjoy life in the best possible way or waste it away.

That is Stoic philosophy in a nutshell.

Stoicism, however, is extremely diverse and has the answers to so many of life’s most difficult questions.

Stoic answers aim is precisely this, to provide answers to the deepest human yearnings and problems, which sadly, are almost always never asked.

Stoic Answers is a place of solace, encouragement, and camaraderie in this incredible business called life.

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