“You could leave life right now. Let that determine what you do and say and think.”  Marcus Aurelius

The print on the left was created by Mexican artist: Joaquin Nava.

Memento Mori, the timeless Stoic teaching which reminds us of the inevitability of death.

But death, however, should not be something to be feared, but rather as inspiration for growth.

Time changes everything. It also changes the way with which we perceive and understand concepts, changing depending on the current necessities of culture. Just like Philippe de Champaigne immemorial painting: “Still Life with a Skull,”. In which he depicts death with the classic symbology of Memento Mori: The Tulip that represents life, the skull that represents death and the hourglass that represents time.

Joaquin Nava represented Memento Mori in the following manner.

In Joaquin Nava’s words: “Death helps you flourish”.

The illusitration shows the head of a peaceful person rising from a sea of vanity and false promises (vice). The head is flourishing with flowers and a skull in the middle that has an open eye, which represents the opening of consciousness that the reminder of death brings. The two snakes on the arms represent change and what you have to leave behind in order to advance in virtue.

The flying heart at the center of the illustration has wings as it is now free and light.

Illustration is now on sale in the United States.

Dimensions: 16*20 inches



Memento Mori Illustration by Joaquin Nava