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Fate, either go with it, or be pulled by it

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“Fate leads the willing and carries the unwilling”


Have you ever been in a situation, maybe a messy situation in your love life or in general, where you feel like you’ve been there before? Have you ever felt that you fall in a trap again and again and you notice it once its too late? I certainly wish for that you do to not be the only one.

It’s hard to think when you are in those types of situations but, my friend, that is when you need to think the most. Fate is the master teacher, fate teaches us the core lessons in life, they can be pretty or they can be real fucking nightmares but nevertheless, lessons they are.

So, we stumble into situations that we know, we know deep down that something need to be learned. What to do next, is the stoic suggestion. universe-explosion-star-flowers.jpg

Whenever we feel fate is teaching us something again, we have to really get to the bottom of it, because if we don’t we are going to face the same situation again, with a different person and a different place, but just the same.

Stoicism can be seen sometimes as a cow standing in the rain, just enduring it, stoicly. This is quite comical, but that would not be a stoic mindset, better to build a house or something within our control to stop gettin wet and in the cold, that is a stoic mindset, and with this quick analogy in our mind we can now begin to think better, to think stoicly.

So, same situation, again. It sucks, so what is there to do about it. We can:

  • do nothing about it and cry
  • pretend that nothing is happening and acting normal
  • blame everyone but ourselves for what is happening
  • ask logos why, why always us


We can get our game face on, embrace chaos and challenge get our swords out, and better whatever is to be bettered, which most of the time, is ourselves.

We don’t learn lessons because we are not conscious enough, we are not fully awake to our sorroundings and we don’t want to embrace change.

Change is hard, change is difficult and personal. monk praying cave

Change is personal, everytime we feel we are in the same place again, we are having a personal lessson, no one but ourselves are responsible for the learning, and this lessons gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better. Fate gives us the opportunity to create a relationship personally with ourselves.

This is how you find jewels in darkness, when we choose not to accept fate, we cannot learn, it is just simply impossible, but when we do, we learn and go deeper into ourselves, our roots go deep into our consciousness and a new level of living starts.

My friend, never, ever choose to play the blind man when something happens.

Adress it, embrace fate, learn more and dig deeper into yourself.

I hope more and more of us choose to accept life, and share it.

Thank you for reading

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Digging up Amor fati

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To love everything that happens, that is a pretty harsh statement. What I ask myself, is what does loving truly means? What is the concept of love we currently have in our heads?

I believe the type of love we have in our heads is romantic love, romantic love is beatiful and very powerful, it makes man move mountains and more often than not, suffers a man or a woman into change.

I really do not believe that romantic love has anything to do with Amor fati, which is a greatest concept. Think about it, Yoda has a lot to say in this ancient stoic teaching. Let’s solve this problem with the concept of love and fear (fear being the dark path, and love the jedi’s) Or as Einstein famously said, “The most important decision we can make in our lives, is wether we see the universe as friendly or as an enemy”.

Love cannot exist where fear exist, to love everything that happens, a stoic most be fearless. If this is true, love cannot be dependant on anything but on the stoic himself, a stoic most love everything without expecting nothing back, like the sun, a stoic most give his light and that is it.

Now, this sounds more like amor fati. Amor-Fati-1024x680

Amor Fati makes the stoic love everything, everything is to be treated as something lovable, and so the right action comes from that mindset. First, a stoic comes into the realization that to love everything, makes everything better. That is the first part, next comes what the stoics love more. Action.

The search for truth is a paramount stoic virtue. The world is composed of tools and obstacles to3.-Ciseri_L-Esule.jpg reach truth, every tool, wether it is mental or it is physical or emotional aids us in our struggle to overcome obstacles. The obstacle is the way, what impedes the way, becomes the way.

It becomes easy to understand life if we look at it with the right perspective, you can use this as a tool. Amor fati, first decide to love everything and treat it as such. Just as we love our children, we want what is better for them, so no they cannot have candy all the time, and so with life we act to make it better in every possible way. The search for truth, shows us the way, the search for our inner truth and truth in general functions like a a beacon the illuminates our way in the darkness, and finally the obstacles, which makes us stronger to face the next one, nothing is to be discarded, everything is necessary for our development, and if we choose to accept it and to love it, I believe you and I are in for a good ride.

Thank you for reading friend.

Have a great morning and love like the sun, be like the sun.