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You and I with our magical and amazing eyes. We are completely blind to the world. I was reading Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life and this psychological problem caught my cropped-cropped-marcus-aurelious-head.jpgattention greatly. Think right now about your eyes, they are looking directly at this words right now, you are blind to everything else. Your peripheral vision sees everything blurry or not at all while you’re reading. Your concentration right now is in this paragraph, if it has interested you enough, but, everything else does not exist for you at the moment. We are not aware of almost nothing, how could be? I would be certainly impossible. The way in which we perceive the immensity is reducing our focus to very narrow and specific things.

Let’s do another exercise, think about your work life. What are you options? do you have any? or you just have not taught about it? Now, think about your love life, what are you possibilites? Are there more? If you grab a pen and a sheet of paper right now, you’d be amazed at how much things are in our heads but we are not aware of them.

When everything is going good, we do not think much, we don’t need to and so we fall into comfort, which is not a bad thing, but too much comfort and it gets boring, too much comfort and you start living in quiet desperation.

If we get too comfortable however, things tend to get out of control. If a relationship is not nourishes and taken care of for example, it will break. Breakups are terrible and sad, but after the process has taken long enough, we begin to see things that were not in our sight. Different ways of seeing the world emerge.

There is a world full of opportunity, right in front of us, but we are, most of the time, to 225px-Magritte_TheSonOfManblind to see it. We think that we are never going to fall in love again, but then we do. We think that if we get fired, the whole thing will just blow up. Calamity is terrible, but it is also a mine, a mine of lessons and opportunity.

Fate, either go with it, or be pulled by it .

Never underestimate the power of a pen and a piece of paper. Problems are solveable, and the solutions are out there, but we are blind to them, and to see the light we most put some effort.

Strenght and honor

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Stoicism, the right way.

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Why do some things affect us more than others? A friend of mine once told me that the things that affect us emotionally the most, are the parts of ourselves that we need to work  the most on ourselves as there is something unresolved within us in that specific area.hydra

Unconsciously we want  and maintain behaviors in real life that consciously we deny or hate. It can be anything, maybe you hate your job, and you know what you have to do to get a better one or to start one yourself, but you don’t. Unconsciously you are looking for something there, maybe protection. Many of the situations in our lives are because of this, fears that we don’t even know are there. I had one of these experiences today as I woke up and I can tell you friend that the unconscious is real, very, very real.

I have used stoicism to make my life better, and it has become better in many ways.

Stoicism makes you a person of grit, but today I had a realization that took my understanding of stoicism a bit deeper.light_in_dark

Stoicism can help you deal with all of  your problems. It helps you transcend them and transendance of oneself and obstacles most be stoicism’s aim.

Because, it can be used incorrectly.

How? Let’s suppose that you are in a situation in your life that you personally don’t like or that you like but that you don’t really know the why of it.

It can be your work, you fill pissed about it, but you don’t do anything to change it. We can make excuses and rationalize that we are too tired to do something else in the day, but, unconsciously, maybe that’s just what we want (feeling protected and not being responsibles for ourselves, just blaming everything but oursleves).

Maybe we just want protection from the world and we take the job and the boss as a father, just changing some figures for others, as long as it fills the role hey.

Maybe it’s something that we like, like, commonly , a romantic relationship, and you love it. Because, consciously we justify it with feelings of “love” but maybe unconsciously we want another figure, some oedipus complex (our mother role), I know it sounds weird but you are looking for the role to be filled, nothing else. Love most come from yourself, if we demand it, we are not really in love, we just want something. 

So, you and me need to figure out what is happening, and make the unconscious, tumblr_neyqf51MMC1qmbg8bo1_500conscious. Face our fears, our inner fears and our core fears so we can transcende them.

Stoicism however can be understood in many forms, think about it, it can be counter beneficial for you, if we use it to justify our actions based on fear, thinking that we are acting courageously (like enduring the job or painful relationship).

When it comes to make the decision to live courageously it means that we are acting from love, form amor fati. Fear and Amor fati are two very different things. If we, however  act from fear deep inside, like not pushing for a better job or not being as great as we can be, we are acting from fear.

If we stoically support our fears and live despicable lives because we do not consciously know what we are doing, we are using stoicism wrong, in fact, it is not stoicism, it is just a justification to keep on the petty behavior.

Stoicism acts from love and courage and most of the time we think that there are challenges outside ourselves, but no. They are never outside, remember what is it that we have control over, ourselves. We must face our inner fears and understand ourselves truly if we want to be truly stoic. We cannot have fear inside and courage outside, that’s just simply not stoicism.

We must have courage to live truly inside and outside. Pay very close attention to yourself, what you are doing in life and ask questions, whether stoicism is a deep core philosophy in yourself or just a facade to hide your inner child.

I wish you all the courage and greatness of a proud warrior friend.

Good morning

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A stoic boldly leaps into life, he does not question himself whether to act or not, the decision has already been made, we want to help you become a stoic. Thanks for the support