Why as a Stoic you need to laugh

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Ok, Marcus Aurelius had to literally wage a war against the barbarians, think about that for just one second, war, terror and blood.

Stoicism means business, stoicism is a practical philosophy.

People that use stoicism as a way of life, seem, to me at least, as very serious personalities. I don’t blame them. Most people get introduced to stoicism during harsh times (war, crisis) in their lives (including myself). Harsh times require just one thing, action, massive action.

I believe the harsh times are the beginning of philosophy. Stoicism teaches men that spirit can triumph over everything and this is when the bad times become a blessing for this are the times that we begin to live properly.

It is not uncommon then that such characters as the following used stoicism as a way of life. To name a few:

Theodore Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Tim Ferris
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bill Clinton
When you think about a stoic, what comes to your mind? A serious face maybe? Or an unemotional face?

When I first identified this philosophy I related it with being real serious and controlled, almost tense. Time passes and my understanding deepens. Everytime I read Emmerson a grin appears in my face.

I imagine a stoic now as a smiling individual, a grin that tells that he know something. He knows that there is nothing that can damage his spirit, and he has therefore found peace. I imagine a stoic laughing now, cheerfully.

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Groundless fears

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Good morning.

As dear Monday begins, many people dread it. It catches many people off-guard, it is the beginning of the week and people feel overwhelmed by how much is there to do or getting up early for work.

It also takes a away the eased and calmed Sunday vibe, we all know that vibe of relaxation of Sunday. The town just feels different, whereas in Monday, cortisol strikes everybody and stress just fills the air again with claxons and hurried people.

It feels like the beginning of a battle, the everlasting battle of capitalism. Production begins and so all people must MOVE.

What is it that move people?

I believe it is inner tension, and don’t get me wrong, tension is good. You need something to make you move and you should move but I think we are overreacting to everything that happens.

“we suffer more often

in imagination than in reality” Seneca

Not having enough with everything we have to do, we go to our heads and start thinking about what can or cannot happen, we start to be fueled by fear. You can see this in the people and all the “fuck yous” being yelled in traffic.

“We are in the habit of exaggerating, or imagining, or anticipating, sorrow.” Seneca

This reminded me about Tony Robbins, in his book “Awaken the giant within”. He says that one time he got the opportunity to drive a Nascar car. Driving one of these cars is not joke, they run seriously fast so he asked for any advice on how to do it. The expert pilot told him that he must, at all times, concentrate on the road, never at the walls. Your eyes and your focus is very important to define where your whole body will go and therefore the car as well.

This sounds terribly familiar. Where are we going to and where is our focus? Groundless fears are walls, focus to much in them and they will happen. Focus on where you want to go and opportunity better.

“We shall consider later whether these evils derive their power from their own strength, or from our own weakness.”

“Am I tormented without sufficient reason, am I morose, and do I convert what is not an evil into what is an evil ? “

“Things which cause our fear; we do not examine into them ; we blench and retreat just like soldiers who are forced to abandon their camp because of a dust-cloud raised by stampeding cattle, or are thrown into a panic by the spreading of some unauthentic- ated rumour.” Seneca

Life itself is uncertainty, nothing is sure. There is never an ending to this cause this is the1483006388_trumphighway34_ae17c05105f6356b2aaba67df923e818 concept of infinite. The fight/dance however you want to call it is never over. We do make it harder than it is by focusing on groundless fears. Better to grip from the things that we can control and use truth to suppress the fears. Also, there is no other place other than the present moment to suppress that fear. We have to act now and be comfortable in uncertainty. 

Focus on the road.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.