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Virtue is the sole good


What is the ultimate goal? When is it that you finally “made it”? Is it maybe when you finish school? When you marry? When you have children? When you retire? Please think, when is it that you’ll say: I’m complete, now I can start living as intended, as it is supposed to be. When is that time coming?

Let me tell you a secret, that moment is never going to arrive.

It may seem as so, when we get success or a great relationship or something but just as trainthat came, another thing will come after that will promise us the same thing: completion.

We are never going to be complete, we are never going to be perfect. We will never have our life in complete order. Change will do what it does best, change everything. If your relationships are great but you become too comfortable, they will start fail. If your business is doing great and you stop putting attention to it, it will too surely fail. If you don’t take care of your body, daily, you’ll die quicker.

Does this sounds a bit to harsh? A bit to real? Well, It’s better to be informed. What then, is worthy?

Virtue is the supreme good. I want to make something clear.

_84010986_zeno-chest-976What do you understand for virtue? In our times, virtue can sound lame right? Like, there are so many cool things out there constantly appearing on facebook and instagram. Friends at the beachor hot women everywhere on instagram. Our friends are marrying and the photos show just pure joy and love. Dan Bilzerian riding a tank with a chick on his side. We see perfect lives everywhere, everywhere we look it looks like people has made it. And what does virtue offer? how in the world can virtue be the supreme good? This is a very, very, good question.

When we see all this amazing stuff in social media we fall into a trap, the trap of completion. This trap tells us that when we have achieved, the success, the marriage, that trip or anything else, then we’ll be complete. The secret is as we already know, that there is no completion, that is a game we are never going to win. Even getting all that stuff will not be fun and we will not be able to enjoy it if we remain in that state of mind.

If we are never going to be complete while pursuing all that amazing stuff, what then? We have to realize that how we are right now, with imperfections and everything, is enough. We have already arrived. There is no more running. Virtue is the only good and you have it right now. You don’t need to wait to have all that stuff, and you can be who you want to be right now. This is why virtue is the sole good, this is what being virtuous means. Being a virtuous man means not getting played with the game everyone is playing like mindless rats running the endless circle.

What is the answer then? Not wanting anything and just being content with a smile all the time? not pursuing anything?

Not at all. We can have all that stuff but we do not longer seek it to feel we are enough or complete. We focus more on the process, on the journey than in the goal itself. Only then can we start truly living. Only then can we be free to do what is actually important, not being limited by some worldly thing but being able to grab all those things from the abundance of our soul. All those things become a bonus, not an end to pursue. This is Freedom.

Once we start truly living, we see life for what it is, magnificence. Such an infinitesimal universe-explosion-star-flowersprobability that we are blessed to have.

For this reason I am all the more angry that some men claim the major portion of this time for superfluous things,—time which, no matter how carefully

it is guarded, cannot suffice even for necessary

things. Seneca

Once we realize that our life is now and not in some other place in the future, our time becomes precious. We realize that it is now that we live, not at some other point in time. This knowledge is essential. What is important now? To live as fully as possible.

Bring it to pass that I shall cease trying

To escape from death, and that life may cease to escape from me.


We have to accept death in our lives. It can be today, or it can be tomorrow or ten years from now. But we have to accept that there is no time, there is no time to waste, waiting for something to truly start living.

It is not everywhere that death shows himself so near at hand ; yet everywhere he is as near at hand.


Those amazing projects you have in mind? The time is now.

That girl you want to ask out? The time is now.

“If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Only when you accept death, you will stop escaping life.

Open your eyes to infinity. Accept that you are enough as imperfect as you are right now  and strive forever to perfection. This is what being a human being is all about.

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Stoic advice

Fear, Sneaky Bastard.

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I want to talk about fear. Courage is one of the cardinal virtues in Stoicism. It is very, very important. You see, a stoic must be willing and not only willing but also happy about facing anything that comes his way. As I write this words I smile cause I remember the attitude that a stoic should have, it gives me peace.

What is fear? I want to dissect it so we can understand it fully.

The dictionary says as follows:  distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined;

That definition is not enough.

Fear is the reason we don’t take action. Fear is the painful experience of knowing what Unnamed_Darkness.jpgneeds to be done and staying paralyzed. Fear is the slow killer of dreams. Fear hides behind our rationalizations. Fear laughs at us when we say we want to achieve something. It takes many forms, most of them to keep it hidden so we don’t know what is the reason we don’t act. Fear is the ultimate barrier. It separates us from other people and separates other people from us. It disguises itself as insecurity. Fear makes trust impossible. Fear makes humans vengeful and spiteful. Fear is the enemy of greatness and the best friend of mediocrity. Fear makes a man live a life in the shadows like gollum, too afraid to come to the light. Fear is treacherous and misguiding. Fear seduces man with petty excuses and tells him he cannot have the best. Fear makes a man undeserving. Fear makes a man crawl through the dirt like an animal, like a snake. Fear makes a man forget his greatness and justifies his inaction. Fear makes a man blame everyone but himself. Fear, the great enemy.

And still, I think that fear is not sufficiently described. When we go about our days, we don’t realize it but it is there, constantly. When we don’t clean, when we don’t do the best that we can, when we lie, when we fake our identities, when we don’t do anything about our dreams. Fear, sneaky bastard.

I’m too tired. I don’t feel like doing that today. Next time I see her, I’ll ask her number.

Sounds familiar?

1grima.pngThat is fear. Fear speaking behind curtains, just like Grima in The Lord of the Rings murmurs King Theoden behind his back. That is fear in our lives. Saying: it’s ok, we’ll do it tomorrow, today we are tired and all that familiar stuff.

The problem with fear is precisely this, it hides, and even worse, we don’t want to see it.

We can think of our lives as trivial and normal, but no! Believe me my friend, you are now, here, in the very battle of your life.

You and I are going to die, literally.

We all have our great war and greatness lies at the other side.

First we have to realize this. This is the great battle of our lives. That project you have Column_of_Marcus_Aurelius_-_detail1been thinking of? That girl you want to go out with? That city you want to visit? That book you want to write? Inner peace?  Those are the manifestations of your personal battle. Anything that you want to achieve, that is your battle.

Once the decision to be great is taken fear takes its true form. Fear stops being Grima and becomes Sauron. Fear becomes our greatest enemy. Fear stops being the advisor of mediocrity and becomes a great dragon. This is the moment when we must kill it, overcoming it and rising above it.

Once we know our fears we must face them to rise.

This is why courage is one of the cardinals virtues of stoicism, greatness requires courage. There are going to be many battles in our lives and so we need to be sure of what we stand for. As stoics, courage is our answer. Everytime we encounter fear, we act with courage.

Why do the stoics feel happy about everything, even our fears? Fears shows us our way. It shows us the obstacles to overcome for us to rise into greatness. As stoics, nothing is despised everything is embraced gladly.

From now on, listen. Listen very carefully. There is a voice inside each of us that knows. light_in_darkThat knows right from wrong, at least personally. That voice is courage. Fear wants to be the one talking, and if we let it talk enough, just like King Theoden, we will become dull and weak, like dirt creatures. Courage gives us light, who do you prefer Gandalf or Grima? Or for those of you who haven’t seen the movie, a lion or a snake?

It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.

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A stoic boldly leaps into life, he does not question himself whether to act or not, the decision has already been made, we want to help you become a stoic. Thanks for the support