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Stoic advice

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What happens when you are really pissed, and you are a stoic, and you don’t know why you are so pissed, you write . Let’s see, there are many reasons to be pissed. Work doesn’t deliver the same in January, people say things you do not really agree with or find just disgusting. And so the list goes on and on and on and on.

Life can be so unfair, but is it? I mean really can you become so enraged as to make life responsible for not having everything as you would like it. That is definetly a wrong approach, because life will not change for me or for you, or for anyone.

So now, we’ve arrived into something useful, now is time to ask the question, what can we control? This is where stoicism kicks in.

Well, there are many obstacles, and the only way is the way trough them. Maybe amor fati is not what works best when you are pissed and trying to love everything will just make you as mad. but neverthless  those emotions need to be handled,

why are you so angry, what is it that you can’t have? Maybe it is a vacation, maybe it is a grand business maybe is success or I don’t know it can be anything. But there you are pissed like a child because you are not getting it, and worse you are pissed because you don’t know why you are so mad.

This is called growing up. All that we need is already there, but it is only just for the worthy, if the rage you feel inside you is something thats keeping you from going because you believe that everything should be easy, well, you are in for hell. Great things are not easy, they are hard and difficult and great inner power is needed to meet them.

Rage, shows you what, at least it gives you an aim, no emotion is bad emotion, they are all good if used properly.

Now that I’ve stumbled into this thoughts, some kind of wisdom came by, thank god. What if the things we want are not actually what we want? Say, go to Mount Kilimanjaro and climb it, having a Rolls Royce, saving poor people in Africa, writing a successful blog. All this wanting is ensalving, and god, I’m not praising not doing these things, that would be self-defeating. What I think we would all really like, is being capable of having all that, having it is one thing, it is a momentary pleasure, like sex, like food and climbing a mountain and screaming on top of it, it all ends at the moment. This is where we go from having, into being. What we want, what we really want, is being the kind of person that gets all that, now the power is shifted, that is someting that is in your power, right now. Unless we all make that big leap and realize the truth  of what we want, we are not going to be able to get all the “stuff” i was angry about for not getting.

We control what we are, right now. And anger and negative emotion gives us the hint, that we are not being as we should be, it is the necessary tension for walking the correct way. Obstacles, they are there for us to become what we need to become, obstacles are gods calling for greatness, it is him asking you to become great, to walk again with him, with paradise regained.







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“If it is not right, do not do it. I it is not true, do not say it.”

Marcus Aurelius

Now that I’m not really thinking about how to manipulate my writing, I have found this to be so much more enjoyable. Honesty, is a powerful stress relief.

In the past blog posts I tried to sound like a roman stoic, serious and virtuous, but now that I think about it, I would just be lying to myself and to you, ha that would certainly not be a stoic virtue, courage instead is a paramount stoic virtue, and courage is what is needed to be honest.

Honesty and truth is not something we do or at least I do very often, we are always lying

One Hundred Dollar Bill with word Inflation Printed on itto ourselves and to others. We lie everytime we say something to please, basically every time we don’t say or do what we inside know is not true. We use justify our actions with bigger lies, bigger lies like we are a nice person so we are nice all the time, not that being nice is bad, it is good most of the time. But, when we are nice all the time to hide what we really feel or think that is when we are lying. Being nice and being in control are two radical different things.

We choose to lie to manipulate, to manipulate reality, and that is the problem I was having when I tried to write as if I was Marcus Aurelius, truly impossible. Why would I want to write like him, well because he was a great man, but in ultimate instance, what I’m really doing is trying to be something I’m not, and that is not being real, that is lying.

I said earlier that I felt so much more at ease writing without constraining my vocabulary and just writing freely, but the realization was that to achieve that, I had to start being real, to myself and to you. I had the fear that by doing so I would be cursing the entire time, but it hasn’t been (fucking) ha, necessary. It is as it is.

Courage and vulnerability come in hand, one simply cannot be without the other. tumblr_neyqf51MMC1qmbg8bo1_500Honesty, requires courage and to be courageous we have to be vulnerable, open up to possibilite and that is why I think, being honest and truthful opens so much possibilite up. When we are in a state of protection, of manipulation and fear basically, we don’t open up to what can be, what can happen, we are just too busy trying to protect something (our ego I guess) and so we do not focus on what is really out there, we try to manufacture reality and become separated from it. Se we are unease, we don’t really know if we are going to be successful in our manipulations so we become really stressed.

Honesty accompanied with courage and vulnerability as it has to be, relieves us from stress, as we are no longer putting mental work in manufacturing what is impossible. Being honest is definitely a stoic virtue I wish to keep with myself.

There is a great phrase, that sets for the idea.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Augustine of Hippo