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Individuality and saying NO

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Living within society means living within a set of rules called culture. We have family Witan_hexateuchrules, government rules and  relationship rules. This are collective or personal, think about all the ways your family and your relationships are different but similar to other people. All rules create our understanding of culture. They are extremely subtle but nevertheless they are there and we follow them daily. The problem with these rules is that some help us and some definitely do not. When we are not conscious of them, our individuality is restrained.

What does it mean to be an individual?

I believe we all know deep down o what individuality is. Everytime we feel like our own, everytime we reject stuff in our lives that we don’t really care nor wifh for, the feeling of individuality springs and the joy of being our own emerges. Everytime we have the courage to say no to something internal or external.

This collection of rules is called culture. They are  set by people across time that believed that doing something in a certain kind of way would be convenient for what they were trying to do. It’s good to greet each other or say good morning, it makes our relationships better.

Culture is everywhere and it permeates every corner of human society.

We may think that we are individual acting independently but most of the time we are just doing what people before us thought was good.

Culture is good, culture is great, it gives us a road, it provides us with answers that 3.-Ciseri_L-Esule.jpgpeople before us had to figure out for themselves. The problem of culture arises when we don’t realize that culture is just a supposition of how things should be done . Nothing “should” be how it is but most of the times we fall in the trap that we “need” to do or act in certain ways because “that’s just how it is”.

It’s important to know that culture is constantly changing. We can see it with Rosa Parks  sitting at the front of the bus being a black woman, changing what could and could not be done forever. Culture is manufactured by us, by human beings.

Everyone is searching for happiness, we look for it as best as we can. Every “culture rule” we follow we do it because we think it will benefit us. The problem is that when we don’t know that the rules of the game are not set and static but can be effectively changed and molded.

Individuality and independence is the power to be a culture creator. An individual must know what culture is: a useful social contract on how to behave that can be accepted or not accepted and therefore recreated. This is why an individual has to learn to say no. Saying no, often, is not easy. We feel the urge to obey the government, our families or our partner because we feel safe within this social boundaries but if we do not learn to say no, we will never be true individuals that can actually say or do something that can help make the culture better. We would just become part of the blind masses.

225px-Magritte_TheSonOfManIf culture is manufactured, why not make it ourselves?

Once we realize what culture is we can decide, independently, what benefits us, what benefits others and what is just plainly stupid. Remember, people live within culture because it is a shelter. Being independent means not being afraid to go into the wild and claim new lands for ourselves.

To be truly independent is to know that the way we act must be consciously chosen by ourselves. Our fears, our doubts and everything about us must be consciously analyzed to see if it is helping us or hindering us, this act must be constant. If there is anything inside us that is not pushing us forward, we must let it burn and create something new that sets new standards for living a better life.

You may meet with scorn, but scorn is just fear of the new, fear of the truly independent individual  that is not acted upon but that acts independently and that refreshes culture as a plant must be watered everyday.

That is the importance of learning to say no and becoming an individual.

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Holding on to slavery


Men do not care how nobly they live, but only how long, although it is within the reach of every man to live nobly, but within no man’s power to live long. Seneca

Sun rises, pink and red colors the sky. Great morning.epictetus writting

Epicurus argues that we should leave earth as free from care as we entered it.

Putting it shortly, we should not give a fuck about many things, in fact, no fucks at all.

But what does it mean to be free from care?

Seneca said as well that many men are slaves, but that many more hold fast to slavery. Especially in our times, we can see how everyone is working all the time to fulfill this “dreams”.

Think about yourself for a moment, think about your dream and your purpose? Is it to be a painter? A writer? A business person? Are you really doing it?

I believe the point is better illustrated in this manner:

why do we care so much about achieving money and leisure when we are going to die and in that moment we’ll realize how futile was the constant pursuit of riches?

I know, how is it that we are to live then? In the streets while pursuing our dreams?

I don’t think that not giving a fuck about anything is the correct manner of living and I don’t think that Epicurus meant that when he said we should leave life as careless as when we entered. What I think he meant is that we should not over complicate stuff.

trainWhat does it means to hold fast to slavery?

One time a professor of mine told me, that the moment you catch yourself saying “I have to do this” to put close attention, because in actuality, we don’t have to do anything. I guess this is true, but what happens if our children is sick? I mean we actually must take care of him.

So, we really don’t (actually) have to do anything, we just have to keep that in mind, but then, what is important to us? At least while we are here? Maybe taking care of our children? Maybe becoming a writer? It can be anything really and that is worth pursuing

There are traps in life. The trap of pursuing your parents dreams. The trap of being traditionally “successful” by society standards and many more things that are expected from us. Don’t you think that when we follow this things we are holding on to slavery? For fear of not belonging, of not doing what everybody else is doing? Don’t you think we care to much?

This is what carelessness means. We have to think for ourselves and do what only we know to do best.

David Gilmour loved music and we all know he definitely made his dream reality. But, when he was on his journey to become one of the members of Pink Floyd. One time, he got to the hospital with anemia because he hadn’t eaten anything in days.

It sounds easy to just leave everything and do what you want, but then doubt starts hitting the door. I don’t think that leaving everything is the right decision. But we are smart, so we should ask ourselves, what can we do to be where we want to be and we have to be even more smart to know where is it that we want to be, not anyone else.

This is a life lived nobly, if we live our lives truly, we make way for the others to live truly as well.

I want to end with the thought of completion. What is completion? Completion is thinking that there is going to come a time in our lives where we will be complete. With our house, with our wife, with our job and everything that society tells us is “the way”. hydraBut completion is not nature, incompletion is nature, the fight or the dance, during the time that we are alive, is never over. You care how long you live if you think that there is something that is going to make you complete like the dream you are sold, but you could die today you know? This is why caring to much about being complete does not matter. Being incomplete is enough, we can only live our lives nobly if we embrace this. We can only live if the moment if we embrace the fact that we are never going to be complete, so we should do the best with what we have right now. It’s not the goal what matters, it’s the process and the man that you become while living fully and nobly. This is the opposite of living lives of quiet desperation.

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Groundless fears

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Good morning.

As dear Monday begins, many people dread it. It catches many people off-guard, it is the beginning of the week and people feel overwhelmed by how much is there to do or getting up early for work.

It also takes a away the eased and calmed Sunday vibe, we all know that vibe of relaxation of Sunday. The town just feels different, whereas in Monday, cortisol strikes everybody and stress just fills the air again with claxons and hurried people.

It feels like the beginning of a battle, the everlasting battle of capitalism. Production begins and so all people must MOVE.

What is it that move people?

I believe it is inner tension, and don’t get me wrong, tension is good. You need something to make you move and you should move but I think we are overreacting to everything that happens.

“we suffer more often

in imagination than in reality” Seneca

Not having enough with everything we have to do, we go to our heads and start thinking about what can or cannot happen, we start to be fueled by fear. You can see this in the people and all the “fuck yous” being yelled in traffic.

“We are in the habit of exaggerating, or imagining, or anticipating, sorrow.” Seneca

This reminded me about Tony Robbins, in his book “Awaken the giant within”. He says that one time he got the opportunity to drive a Nascar car. Driving one of these cars is not joke, they run seriously fast so he asked for any advice on how to do it. The expert pilot told him that he must, at all times, concentrate on the road, never at the walls. Your eyes and your focus is very important to define where your whole body will go and therefore the car as well.

This sounds terribly familiar. Where are we going to and where is our focus? Groundless fears are walls, focus to much in them and they will happen. Focus on where you want to go and opportunity better.

“We shall consider later whether these evils derive their power from their own strength, or from our own weakness.”

“Am I tormented without sufficient reason, am I morose, and do I convert what is not an evil into what is an evil ? “

“Things which cause our fear; we do not examine into them ; we blench and retreat just like soldiers who are forced to abandon their camp because of a dust-cloud raised by stampeding cattle, or are thrown into a panic by the spreading of some unauthentic- ated rumour.” Seneca

Life itself is uncertainty, nothing is sure. There is never an ending to this cause this is the1483006388_trumphighway34_ae17c05105f6356b2aaba67df923e818 concept of infinite. The fight/dance however you want to call it is never over. We do make it harder than it is by focusing on groundless fears. Better to grip from the things that we can control and use truth to suppress the fears. Also, there is no other place other than the present moment to suppress that fear. We have to act now and be comfortable in uncertainty. 

Focus on the road.

Thanks for reading, have a great week.

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How much control do you think you have?

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There is something soothing about writing every morning for 10 minutes. Just 10 quick minutes. There is not a lot that can be said in such a short amount of time but it helps to keep thoughts in order.

Wouldn’t you agree that the natural state of our head is chaos? Where do all these thoughts come from?

Can you control the next thought that is coming to your head?chaos.jpg

I don’t believe you if you said yes, they just emerge, without our permission.

Who are we really? The thing that observes the thought or the thought itself? I believe the answer is the thing that observes, that notices it, we are our consciousness. We have to be, because if not, how else could we be aware of it?


I find the fact that we can’t control the next thought confusing when I try to think stoically. The great ones (meaning Seneca or Marcus Aurelius) tell us that we have control of our emotions and our thinking.

But, when was the last time you decided to have a thought, the last time you decided to think what you are going to think?

It’s impossible, by thinking at least. We cannot think our way out of emotion either, emotions come and go and we don’t decide what to feel and what not to feel. At least at the moment they emerge.

So then, where is it exactly that we have control? Lately I’ve been thinking that control of ourselves and deep stoicism is not in the mind. It’s deeper than that realm. You cannot control an emotion at the level of the mind. When we are thinking, we can resolve whatever problem we are having in the mind. It’s just a matter of the number of questions asked, trust me, the answers will come.  But, when we are having emotional stuff going on inside, like fear, anger or whatever it is, and try to resolve it with our minds, we are doomed. It is not the same level of interaction (thinking). That level of thinking happens either intellectually or emotionally and we need to difer what is needed. 

I do think stoicism is the best way to own ourselves (whatever the hell we are). But we have to think deeply, not just at the level of the mind but of intuition and emotion as well. Right in this moment, in the present.2700

Now, we are getting somewhere.

We only have this moment to act. If we want to resolve the emotion we are experiencing right now, with our heads, we would just spin our brains ad infinitum, which is what happens must of the time. It’s the incessant chatter that we know is not going anywhere in specific.

Emotional intelligence: “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.”

The first time I encountered stoicism in my life I tried to control the emotion or my thinking to the point that I became exhausted for trying to control the uncontrollable. Emotion and thoughts will come and go and they are there for a reason. We are not supposed to feel happy the entire time. However we are constantly sold that being happy and ecstatic the whole time is the way to be. 

We have to have an aim, the tension inside us produces that, produces movement and striving towards something .

Deep stoicism is about control, we can only have control right here in the moment with engagement. This is why I think the secret for control is awareness and attention, to be here as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, above time. The only time we have to do something is right here. When we experience an emotion, we deal with it in the moment. It comes to be a problem of understanding. If we don’t want to understand ourselves or the world, we cannot resolve whatever it is that we want to resolve.  

How is it that we understand something? Understanding is deciphering how or why something does what is does. It is a matter of truth, a matter of how reality is actually happening or at least as close as we can get to it. Truth becomes our aim. 

The work of control reduces to being a work of the moment, continual understanding 2630429-ZUXILJLB-7and acting based on the present moment.

This is why the stoics argue that living in the present moment is fundamental. There is no other moment to work on something like now. The secret of control is engagement. We can control being aware of what is happening so we are not running to keep up with what happens inside us, but be as close as we can get to the dialogue of feelings and thoughts we are having with ourselves and with the world, so we can guide them towards truth and purpose (something which is beyond ourselves).





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Overcoming obstacles

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Morning. Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about how much time you have left in the earth?

We don’t think about time appropriately.

Let’s suppose that you wake Old-Clock-Pictures-Free-Download.jpgup at 5 am because you are a go getter and you sleep at 9 pm cause you know what they say, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. If you’d did this, you’d have 16 hours total to change your life, the lives of others and the world.

That is not a lot of time, we have to get dressed, take the kids to the school, write for a bit, work and have fun. But this can be enough time, if we’d just use it correctly.

All of our dreams don’t happen someday, they are happening or not happening this very minute. We are either going for them or we aren’t.

We like to think that our dreams are this one moment of pure bliss once achieved. But, we have to realize that the dream is happening right now. There is no dream without the effort and brains that have to be put in them. Every decision we take at every moment must be knowing that time is scarce, very.

jungs treeLife can be challenging, sometime it seems as if the whole thing just does not want our dreams to come true. But, I think that is the wrong focus. Change is the law of life.

As we get to where we want to go, we are not the same person anymore. We change in order to conquer what our past self was not yet prepared to conquer. In order for us to change into bigger and mightier human beings, we have to embrace this part of life. The part of life that sets obstacles for us to grow and develop new abilities that will enable us to reach our dreams.

The good thing, is that we know what those challenges are. You know what you should be doing.

We know now know that at every moment we have the choice to engage and develop ourselves or to become scared and wait for someone or something to shows us the way. Yes that was a Pink Floyd’s lyrics, it just suited perfectly.

This is the reason why Nietzsche said the that the secret of human greatness is Amor Fati,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAto love one’s fate.

How could you not love the thing that gives you the opportunity to rise over everything? It is said that we are not scared of our weakness, but that we are afraid of being powerful beyond measure. Being powerful beyond measure= overcoming obstacles.

Obstacles are little at the beginning, Jordan Peterson would argue with cleaning your room first. I agree with every decision that we make during the day, we have sufficient moral capacity to discern better from worse. Fill your life with enough betters and you’ll be great in little time.

Now, we were talking about does 14 to 16 hours a day. Our life happens in those lapses, our lives are happening right now.

There is no: when I have a million dollars then I’ll give myself permission to be the kind of person that earns that kind of money. Fuck no, that is the aspirational loser game.

Amor Fati, love the fact that you don’t have that kind of money or life that you have yet, but be grateful for the opportunity and start being that person right now.

Then, start engaging in every obstacle that is going to take you to your goals and become inspired for doing it.

This will create a feedback loop of wins that will eventually take you into that situation in your life and you know what is the best part? When you get there, you’ll realize that you’ve changed and that you have to keep moving in your path of greatness.

We do have to be intelligent on our persuits. During WWII, Winston Churchill was Winston_Churchill_fbappointed with Harry L. Hopkins as ambassador of the US to help during war times. He became one of Churchill’s most trusted advisors, as he was before in the US for Roosevelt. Hopkins however was very ill the whole time as he got extracted 2/3 of his stomach due to cancer. He could only work for 2 to 3 hours a day, but he was so efficient that Churchill started naming him, lord heart of the matter. Hopkins went right to what was necessary and vital for success.

This is the lesson, time is enough if we know how to use it. Make a schedule with what is most important, and do that everyday.

Remember, Memento Mori. You are going to die, maybe today or maybe in 10 years but nevertheless you are going to die. We don’t deserve shit, all the things that we want are already there for us to take but we have to overcome the obstacles to get them. Appreciate the fact that you are given an opportunity.


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Stoicism, the right way.

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Why do some things affect us more than others? A friend of mine once told me that the things that affect us emotionally the most, are the parts of ourselves that we need to work  the most on ourselves as there is something unresolved within us in that specific area.hydra

Unconsciously we want  and maintain behaviors in real life that consciously we deny or hate. It can be anything, maybe you hate your job, and you know what you have to do to get a better one or to start one yourself, but you don’t. Unconsciously you are looking for something there, maybe protection. Many of the situations in our lives are because of this, fears that we don’t even know are there. I had one of these experiences today as I woke up and I can tell you friend that the unconscious is real, very, very real.

I have used stoicism to make my life better, and it has become better in many ways.

Stoicism makes you a person of grit, but today I had a realization that took my understanding of stoicism a bit deeper.light_in_dark

Stoicism can help you deal with all of  your problems. It helps you transcend them and transendance of oneself and obstacles most be stoicism’s aim.

Because, it can be used incorrectly.

How? Let’s suppose that you are in a situation in your life that you personally don’t like or that you like but that you don’t really know the why of it.

It can be your work, you fill pissed about it, but you don’t do anything to change it. We can make excuses and rationalize that we are too tired to do something else in the day, but, unconsciously, maybe that’s just what we want (feeling protected and not being responsibles for ourselves, just blaming everything but oursleves).

Maybe we just want protection from the world and we take the job and the boss as a father, just changing some figures for others, as long as it fills the role hey.

Maybe it’s something that we like, like, commonly , a romantic relationship, and you love it. Because, consciously we justify it with feelings of “love” but maybe unconsciously we want another figure, some oedipus complex (our mother role), I know it sounds weird but you are looking for the role to be filled, nothing else. Love most come from yourself, if we demand it, we are not really in love, we just want something. 

So, you and me need to figure out what is happening, and make the unconscious, tumblr_neyqf51MMC1qmbg8bo1_500conscious. Face our fears, our inner fears and our core fears so we can transcende them.

Stoicism however can be understood in many forms, think about it, it can be counter beneficial for you, if we use it to justify our actions based on fear, thinking that we are acting courageously (like enduring the job or painful relationship).

When it comes to make the decision to live courageously it means that we are acting from love, form amor fati. Fear and Amor fati are two very different things. If we, however  act from fear deep inside, like not pushing for a better job or not being as great as we can be, we are acting from fear.

If we stoically support our fears and live despicable lives because we do not consciously know what we are doing, we are using stoicism wrong, in fact, it is not stoicism, it is just a justification to keep on the petty behavior.

Stoicism acts from love and courage and most of the time we think that there are challenges outside ourselves, but no. They are never outside, remember what is it that we have control over, ourselves. We must face our inner fears and understand ourselves truly if we want to be truly stoic. We cannot have fear inside and courage outside, that’s just simply not stoicism.

We must have courage to live truly inside and outside. Pay very close attention to yourself, what you are doing in life and ask questions, whether stoicism is a deep core philosophy in yourself or just a facade to hide your inner child.

I wish you all the courage and greatness of a proud warrior friend.

Good morning

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Short mornings

Meaning and friendship

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Inspiration is not to be seeked, inspiration just comes whenever she wants, no force is needed as we should know that she will eventually come. Where does inspiration comes from?

There is inspiration in fear, for fear of something happening we move, that is pretty good if a lion is chasing us, only the fear inspired are among us now. But, where else? When have been the times you have been the most inspired in your life? What is is that makes that inner rabbit run maddily happy?3756898604d4543011b2069bcb20986b

In truth it comes when we set our minds to do something, that sparks comes with our choosing, like right now as I was trying to write things about inspiration I was precisely trying, not actually writing. This is the secret, we do not look for inspiration, we just set ourselves to do something and do it, badly and ugly at first but eventually good and inspired.

This led me to think about the phrase of “do not try to be the man, be the man”. Time, time runs oh so fast and we get older and older without notice. All the time waste it thinking that there’s plenty and that someday we’ll be able to be something or someone, but what we don’t realize, is that that time will never arrive, the decision is made now, that is why if you are going to “be the man/ athlete / artist, you have to be it and embodied it right now, do not wait for inspiration, it will come eventually.

The following situation happens a lot in my life. I happen to be with a group of people, smoking or having a beer, other times giving a beer tasting to bartenders. Then we start talking more deeply, searching for some of the truths in life, and from time to time, aeaehwtsomeone says something very personal and very, very deep or happens to know about the topic a lot so he comments on something pretty witty, and what happens next is that you see his partners dragging him down on his wittiness. You can literally see that people do not stand someone being a bit better. Humiliation and laughter comes to those who want to achieve greatness, not for nothing it is commonly said that it is very lonely up there.

This makes total sense, in modern world, no one chooses something for themselves, everything is prechoosed, it takes guts and courage to speak for oneself and from truth. It takes guts and courage to start a business and be successful against all odds and people don’t like to be reminded of unsuccessfulness for lack of courage and determination. This lead me to think, that the path of greatness, has a lot of tears in it, of joy and of sadness, but oh what a wonderful path, the path of truth.

It is hard to find friends, true friends wish you the best, and the themselves wish the best Amor-Fati-1024x680for them as well. J. Peterson says that if you would not have a “friend” of yours be friend of your family, why are you friend with him anyways? A true friend is someone that pushes you to the top, you see, what do you prefer, being dragged down or being pulled down?

I wish we could all help to pull us up a bit everyday, that is a good aim.

Good morning Friend, Thank you for reading.


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Digging up Amor fati

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To love everything that happens, that is a pretty harsh statement. What I ask myself, is what does loving truly means? What is the concept of love we currently have in our heads?

I believe the type of love we have in our heads is romantic love, romantic love is beatiful and very powerful, it makes man move mountains and more often than not, suffers a man or a woman into change.

I really do not believe that romantic love has anything to do with Amor fati, which is a greatest concept. Think about it, Yoda has a lot to say in this ancient stoic teaching. Let’s solve this problem with the concept of love and fear (fear being the dark path, and love the jedi’s) Or as Einstein famously said, “The most important decision we can make in our lives, is wether we see the universe as friendly or as an enemy”.

Love cannot exist where fear exist, to love everything that happens, a stoic most be fearless. If this is true, love cannot be dependant on anything but on the stoic himself, a stoic most love everything without expecting nothing back, like the sun, a stoic most give his light and that is it.

Now, this sounds more like amor fati. Amor-Fati-1024x680

Amor Fati makes the stoic love everything, everything is to be treated as something lovable, and so the right action comes from that mindset. First, a stoic comes into the realization that to love everything, makes everything better. That is the first part, next comes what the stoics love more. Action.

The search for truth is a paramount stoic virtue. The world is composed of tools and obstacles to3.-Ciseri_L-Esule.jpg reach truth, every tool, wether it is mental or it is physical or emotional aids us in our struggle to overcome obstacles. The obstacle is the way, what impedes the way, becomes the way.

It becomes easy to understand life if we look at it with the right perspective, you can use this as a tool. Amor fati, first decide to love everything and treat it as such. Just as we love our children, we want what is better for them, so no they cannot have candy all the time, and so with life we act to make it better in every possible way. The search for truth, shows us the way, the search for our inner truth and truth in general functions like a a beacon the illuminates our way in the darkness, and finally the obstacles, which makes us stronger to face the next one, nothing is to be discarded, everything is necessary for our development, and if we choose to accept it and to love it, I believe you and I are in for a good ride.

Thank you for reading friend.

Have a great morning and love like the sun, be like the sun.

Short mornings, Stoic advise

Antifragility of emotion

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I’m starting to love this brief moments of writing, it gives me context and understanding, I hope it brings the same to you, in your own personal way.

The other day I was reading Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and he argued that hydra.jpgstoicism makes you emotionally antifragile, being antifragile means gaining from disorder and chaos. Stoicism deals with precisely this, it is a manner to embrace destiny, but taking it farther it benefits from destiny as you take it always as a chance to learn. Emotionally speaking, what happens when all emotions are welcomed? You become antifragile as all emotion is there to help you in some way.

Sometimes this does not seem so, sometimes depression, anger and lack of vitality don’t seem so much as an emotion that is trying to help us, I know. But feeling always great, which is what we are taught from very early ages, and today as well, is not what we naturally need. At least not in the way we are constantly showed.

Doing great things is not easy, setting a business up from the ground is hard job, maintaining it is more hard job. Having children is not easy, you have to work twice as hard and having a life with job and children, like climbing mount Everest or being a musician and a writer as well is not easy. You have to find time and you have to find effort, do you really think all these can be achieved feeling just fantastic all the time?

We are not made to have a smile the entire time on our faces, that is just a lie, a lie we tell ourselves because we are to afraid of not smiling all the time and be safe behind fake71+lnM2yVAL._SL1136_.jpg smiles and behaviors that are not even ours.

But this is not all bad, because, my friend, how else are we going to be real? What is real for you? or for me? what is better, a fake facade or the truth?

The truth is not bad emotion all the time, the truth in fact is liberating, but is going to be hard to be free if we do not let oursleves experience the whole range of emotion, emotion tells us a lot of things and denying it will not work, so what can we do as stoics, well, we can use it for us. This is antifragility, when we care too much about what other people think, we are fragile to their opinions, but, what if we didn’t, ancient wisdom knew how to take it: “Let them talk about me, good or bad, but keep them talking”.

Welcoming every emotion may seem counterintuitive, but really being with it and welcoming it and trying to use it as an ally will give you the jewels it has hidden. Only by taking this approach will the emotion (generally bad) will open up and give you the power it has hidden.

A stoic welcomes everything that happens gladly, this is why he is antifragile, he uses what fate throws upon him. When given Chaos and madness, he gladly molds it into order and brilliance, when given evil, he turns it into good. A stoic is antifragile to life, he is the light that do not fights evil, but uses it and turns it into light.

Just as the lotus flower is born from the mud, the stoic turns everything into virtue, and3756898604d4543011b2069bcb20986b for that he is happy, not from the outside situation, but for his ability to shine some light, where it is needed.

Short mornings, Stoic advise


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“If it is not right, do not do it. I it is not true, do not say it.”

Marcus Aurelius

Now that I’m not really thinking about how to manipulate my writing, I have found this to be so much more enjoyable. Honesty, is a powerful stress relief.

In the past blog posts I tried to sound like a roman stoic, serious and virtuous, but now that I think about it, I would just be lying to myself and to you, ha that would certainly not be a stoic virtue, courage instead is a paramount stoic virtue, and courage is what is needed to be honest.

Honesty and truth is not something we do or at least I do very often, we are always lying

One Hundred Dollar Bill with word Inflation Printed on itto ourselves and to others. We lie everytime we say something to please, basically every time we don’t say or do what we inside know is not true. We use justify our actions with bigger lies, bigger lies like we are a nice person so we are nice all the time, not that being nice is bad, it is good most of the time. But, when we are nice all the time to hide what we really feel or think that is when we are lying. Being nice and being in control are two radical different things.

We choose to lie to manipulate, to manipulate reality, and that is the problem I was having when I tried to write as if I was Marcus Aurelius, truly impossible. Why would I want to write like him, well because he was a great man, but in ultimate instance, what I’m really doing is trying to be something I’m not, and that is not being real, that is lying.

I said earlier that I felt so much more at ease writing without constraining my vocabulary and just writing freely, but the realization was that to achieve that, I had to start being real, to myself and to you. I had the fear that by doing so I would be cursing the entire time, but it hasn’t been (fucking) ha, necessary. It is as it is.

Courage and vulnerability come in hand, one simply cannot be without the other. tumblr_neyqf51MMC1qmbg8bo1_500Honesty, requires courage and to be courageous we have to be vulnerable, open up to possibilite and that is why I think, being honest and truthful opens so much possibilite up. When we are in a state of protection, of manipulation and fear basically, we don’t open up to what can be, what can happen, we are just too busy trying to protect something (our ego I guess) and so we do not focus on what is really out there, we try to manufacture reality and become separated from it. Se we are unease, we don’t really know if we are going to be successful in our manipulations so we become really stressed.

Honesty accompanied with courage and vulnerability as it has to be, relieves us from stress, as we are no longer putting mental work in manufacturing what is impossible. Being honest is definitely a stoic virtue I wish to keep with myself.

There is a great phrase, that sets for the idea.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

Augustine of Hippo