Carved in Mayhem

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Carved in Mayhem from Dan DiFelice on Vimeo.

Life is poetic.

I believe we don’t take that into account very often.

Life is painfully beautiful. One day you wake up with pure joy in your hands, the entire day is the most perfect gift you could ever wish for, in this moments, life flows easily and you feel blessed for it.

There are dark times as well, challenging times, times where emotions like happiness seem just childish. What is needed then, are deeper, darker and stronger emotions. Character arises from our depths.

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”

― C.G. Jung

Mayhem, destruction, hate, jelousy, anger. God forbid you to feel this dark emotions too often but trust me. You are going to feel them.

There is great power in our darkness.

There are situations in life where a “positive attitude” will get you nowhere, force and damage must be done and we must be readily capable of performing.

Know this. You are not a “good” being. You are an infinelty complex entity that is rarely definable by good and bad, it’s just not that easy.

Material for carving

The ancient stoics claimed that everything that happens to us or better said all the externals (our bodies, fortune, our experiences) are material for virtue. We carve ourselves from ourselves.

Everything inside us, is material for carving. Anger is great material for excercise to give an example, envy is great material for work. None of our emotions are to be scorned, they are material for virtue.  Use them accordingly.

Once you had passions and called them evil. But now you have onlyyour virtues: they grew out of your passions.You set your highest goal in the heart of those passions: then they became your virtues and joys. And though you were of the race of the hot-tempered, or of the lustful, or of the fanatical, or the vengeful; in the end, all your passions became virtues, and all your devils, angels. Once you had wild dogs in your cellar: but they changed at last into birds and charming singers. Out of your poisons you brewed soothing ointments for yourself; you milked your cow of sorrow — now you drink the sweet milk of her udder. And nothing evil grows out of you any longer, unless it be the evil that grows out of the conflict of your virtues.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Realize this, and you will be powerful. Nothing is to be scorned, Amor Fati, love everything that happens.



I got to a point in my existence
with my head insisting i live to kill
Spilling my ills…I was engulfed to go public and show my life was rubbished. Everything about me obsessed to mess a man’s life up
and leave his family with the knowledge i cut his head off
I preserved me…to decay them
I carved me in my mayhem, a stone cut from the same element.
My mother gave birth to a story that will shame men, this became my importance. every day that came and went
venting mentally my mentality.
I sedated my impatience with drugs and booze.
I stalked and wrote the horror story.
Lies gave me my act as an asset
my ego relaxed in the sociopathic…
Every day i fight with my lack of patience, so i sedate me, making me weak That don’t work.
How can i have my dream to be a nightmare?
I’m not sharp and my body is not prepared…so i cleaned my act.
Trained hard to let the steam off,
cleaned my diet to strengthen my mean heart,
but it cleaned my heart.
Thoughts were feeding my fed up,
love was fixing my head up.
A new story was starting to write itself
I was liking myself
I realized I was not going to just kill him…I was going to kill me Fuck that.
Now I live to shine
relax my spine in the quiet of the divine that gives the sky
To cover my life I live like I don’t want anyone to die.
Vibrant I feel facilitated for no reason other than something loves me to be alive… I oblige
With body heart and mind…
I have found my spirit
my creativity is how I live
my life realizes it.
Read my manifest manifested,
from cursed to blessed…
the hand of the divine
gave me time to rise and rest.
I eat sleep train and move
to be the best version of me my children can get and our love can ensue… blessed…
I’m grateful
not hate obsessed.
My life was carved from a stone,
52 years was never too late to begin again.


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Some thoughts on quality

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“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”

Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

First, some thoughts on quality.

Today, Sunday, I feel compelled to talk about so many things with you, but first as I just said, I need to talk about quality, because it is that single attribute what defines this whole process, called life.

A concept seems easy to understand in our heads don’t you think?


We, after all, comprehend phenomena in the realm of our unique consciousness but when it comes to set a concept into words and we try to illustrate the pictures from our heads, into others, that right there, becomes the tricky part.

What is the solution for that difficultness?


Quality is the aim to do something  the right way.

Quality is admirable because it is self-explanatory, everyone can feel it or understand it even metaphysically.  Sometimes we don’t know how to explain the why a work is a work of quality but we just know deep inside.

To do anything with quality is to do it right and we all know what that right is, we feel it.

When we make the decision to act with quality there is no confusion, there is no hesitancy, the choice to do it right has already been made and so no explanation for action is needed, there is just right action.

When we act with quality, the feeling of how we are using our time can get counter-intuitive. We tend to make the supposition that time is scarce, so we better hurry, thus sacrificing quality.

Quality needs time and patience, as long as attention. What’s counterintuitive is that acting in a hurry and without care, is actually slowing us down.

By not taking the decision to act with quality and being half-there half in other place, slows us down because by doing something good we only have to do it once, but do something bad and you’ll stumble into the same problem again and again.

Let your work, work on you.51a7fb95d69a284ee9eeb72a27644eb7--photography-art-night-photography

This is a rather profound recommendation.

Let your work, work on you. Everything you do or make, is an opportunity to be better, inside and outside.

It’s just as true that everything that is done badly or half-heartedly will work as well in the inside and the outside and not precisely in a good way.

Everything we do matters. Matters because it betters or worses not just ourselves, but the whole existence. Everything is connected. When we act with quality, we give quality to existence.

When we are washing dishes to give an example, there are two ways of doing it, correctly, or incorrectly. If you don’t put your full attention and care to the task at hand, you will not treat it fairly and will not let it work on you. If you don’t do it correctly the inner work (lesson) that the action can teach you will be wasted.

Everytime we are doing something we have an opportunity to practice patience and presence, to practice diligence, to practice everything.

Practice is all there is, there is never going to be a moment in which the work is done. We can only strive to become better and better at what we do and as quality is prefered in our lives than mediocrity practice is the only way through which great and better quality can be achieved and everytime we discard an activity and don’t put our effort in it, we are wasting our lives in mediocrity.

Living is an activity and better said an art, it is something that Seneca said, takes our whole lives to learn.

We can practice right now, this is why quality is so important, in everything we make, everything we do, everything we are needs to be constantly perfected and in doing so we are living as best and qualitatively as we can.

Hurry up and live.


chess-1Quality is admirable and speaks for itself, I don’t have to tell you how to live your life best, that is something only you know, but bear in mind the concept of quality, because you know what a life of quality is. Apply it, apply it to everything and quality will start surrounding your life.

Life is fractal every small deed is part of the bigger deed. The details make the whole. Take care of the details, they are not time wasters, they are time savers, know this and quality will be effortless and more importantly, you’ll make your life and others, lives of quality.

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No questions please, Albert Camus

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“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” 
― Albert Camus

Essentially stoic, Albert Camus. This great philosopher, writer of The stranger, a book that depicts the absurd,  lovely term. It is absurd to live, tell me please an answer that does not sound absolutely absurd! It’s impossible. Life is so incredibly strange that we have to go about it not really asking us any questions.

But there comes a time in every man’s life where the questions begin to emerge and it is during those times that true meaning starts to blossom.

2700What questions exactly? Well, it is one thing to ask yourself what you want to be when you grow up, and say that you want to be a fireman, but if I ask you why, then it gets really fun. So, I ask you why and you tell me that you want to save other people’s lives, and that is truly noble! So then I ask you why do you want to save people’s lives and then you tell me that it is what good people do, and then I tell you why is it that you want to be good? And by this question I would feel that you are getting pretty annoyed. What I want to show, is that there are no ultimate answers, there will always be a why that takes us further into the depths of philosophy.

I don’t know about you but I can question and answer why’s all day, I believe it makes a really good conversation. But, we have to live so we must know at least how to do it as best as we can.

There are a few things that would be better to know than not to know however, like stoicism.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.” 
― Albert Camus

Camus argues that happiness will never be found through questioning ourselves.

In the phrase just mentioned above, however,  he said that knowing of the summer he had within, made him happy , interesting?

Where is he getting at? What exactly is that thing that pushes back, that endless summer? and that happens to give him happiness as well?

Here, Camus depicts himself as a stoic, for that endless summer is what the stoics admire29198.jpg the most, virtue. Virtue is concerned with acting correctly, but how do we know what a correct action is?

I believe that is a terribly hard question,but if we are to live our lives without questioning a lot we should know a few things first, so we can live more easily like knowing what we can control from what we can’t.

We have to live, now, live immediately and questioning a lot ourselves is hard, this is why I put together this  two particular phrases of Camus.

If we want to live now and without doubt, we need to live with self trust, in that silence, in that endless summer is where the answers lie, quiet answers. That space where virtue emerges, where self discipline is formed and where love springs. That invisible summer knows the answers, and although sometimes it’s difficult to know what to do, trusting that inner giant will surely light the way. Trust yourself.

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Let your work be your worth

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Work. We all know what we need to do. The price of not doing what we know we must do is of course living a life of denial, a life of quiet desperation as Henry David Thoreau said. We do not do our work for several reasons but the main reason I believe is fear of success and greatness.

Greatness can seem like a majestic and unreachable deed. It’s hard to think about _84010986_zeno-chest-976Marcus Aurelius and Socrates or Alexander the great and not feel minuscule. But these men walked the earth  and lived the same 24 hours as we do today. To think of them as extraterrestrial is an enormous mistake because you no longer view them as what they are, fellow human beings.

Work must be done in silence. It’s very easy to talk about what we are going to do but it’s extremely difficult to walk the talk. We love to preach our plans to parents, girlfriends and friends but we forget that to work, we must work in silence. We dream too about the day when our plans are accomplished and done but when it comes to sit down and actually do the work, we open netflix instead hoping that someday some future me will be inspired to do something(needless to say, that time never comes).

We must not wait for inspiration. Work is painful and hard. It is warzone, we must think hard and put the hours and sometimes it doesn’t seem that we have achieved anything. This is the great wall that not many can or want to climb.

They say it’s very lonely at the top.  Nobody wants to suffer. We treat our dark feelings as burdens. They are not burdens, they are heavenly angels telling you what you need to do to be great. If you feel like shit, good, it means something needs to be changed. If you feel restless, good, it means that you need to sit down and write what can be done in order to gain peace again. No feeling is to be discarded, every feeling tells us something and so we cannot aim to be happy all the time nor we want to.

John F. Kennedy kept this poem in his wallet:3235913_Bullfight_Painting_Corrida_75.jpg

Bullfight critics ranked in rows.

Crowd the enormous plaza full.

But only one is there who knows,

and he’s the man that fights the bull.

I remember when I was younger, my boxing days. I wasn’t to old, around 14 to 15. I had a fight with a tough kid from a tough neighborhood and precisely that day I caught a cold. I was very, very sick. My father nevertheless, took me to the fight, as I couldn’t say I felt extremely bad for fear of being called a coward. When boxing, you have to be not only courageous, but really smart as well. Raw courage won’t help without brains to know when to punch and when to save energy.

I was really sick so I asked my father for advice as well as my coach. They bought told me: give everything you’ve got.

So I did exactly that, I gave everything I had but not very intelligently. I thought that giving everything would help me, but deep inside I knew I needed to trust my brains and fight slowly and defenselvy but instead I just threw punches as fast and often as I could so I tired myself in the first round. The other kid just played defensively and waited for the next round in which he beated the crap out of me. After the fight ended, I knew I should have listened to myself, I mean I was the one fighting. If I had listened to myself maybe I would have won,  (or lose, just not so horribly).

Nobody can fight your fights for you. Only you know what your work is. Ask for advice but remember that at the end of the day, it’s your call the only one that counts. Trust your instincts.

When it comes to work, we need to focus on the process. First trust ourselves to do what is necessary and then be quiet, be very quiet and attend to our work. Let your work, be your worth.




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It’s late at night and I’m half asleep already but as a personal promise I had to write something as I do everynight. It’s very difficult to do so while tired and sleepy. The struggle more than anything else is thinking about something to write, something relatable to you as well and what came to my mind first was the power of will. The power of will is magnificent, I wish I had more and what it got me thinking about was: What feeds the power of will?


Character is a fierce creature within us. It is aggressive, it is also judgemental. It is the divine beast that says what is going to be accepted and what is not. It is a beast of supreme power, the more it gets fed, the more it grows.

Ralph Waldo Emerson defines character as: “a reserved force that acts directly by 220px-Ralph_Waldo_Emerson_ca1857_retouchedpresence, and without means.”

A person with character is quite interesting. Character can be seen as the capacity to say no to anything that does not mold the judgement of what is worthy or not worthy, what we can tolerate from what not.

You can say that a person with character is quite intolerant.

Character is the capacity to cement personality with force and power. A person with personality is interesting but a person with character is attractive.

Jordan B. Peterson says: “There is very little difference between the capacity for mayhem and destruction, integrated, and strength of character. This is one of the most difficult lessons of life.”

It is true, a person with character is a dangerous person. But what do you prefer?

Nietzsche argued that a moral men, is merely a coward disguising his fear with morality. Character decides for itself.

One last thing

Let not a man guard his dignity, but let his dignity guard him.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


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Earlier as I was wondering what to write I really could not find any topic to argue about. But then I started to wonder about my originality. I was not feeling original, I couldn’t think of anything original to say.

Have you ever had that feeling? The feeling of lacking originality?download

It’s strange isn’t it? What are we? If not a combination of our parents, our friends and the particular set of experiences that happen to us through life? And yet, we are so profoundly different from one other. Why is it hard to be original at times?

This leads me to think, why the hell would we want to fit in? Isn’t that idea crazy? I mean, we’ll only be here for a while, why not yell as hard as we can who or what we think we are?

“I won’t tell you that the world matters nothing, or the world’s voice, or the voice of society. They matter a good deal. They matter far too much. But there are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life, fully, entirely, completely—or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands. You have that moment now. Choose!” 
― Oscar Wilde

So many mighty people, it’s amazing. It’s so amazing I’ll use another quote!

“Every select man strives instinctively for a citadel and a privacy, where he is FREE from the crowd, the many, the majority– where he may forget “men who are the rule,” as their exception;– exclusive only of the case in which he is pushed straight to such men by a still stronger instinct, as a discerner in the great and exceptional sense.” 
― Friedrich NietzscheBeyond Good and Evil

I agree with Friedrich. There are men of stonger instinct that make us think twice about what we are doing, and that feeds us with greatness, makes us more, original, and in a way, better.

Back to originality. Its seems to me that the man that worries about being original in any term, loses his originality. Cool does not chase cool.

Moments of genius arrive only in spontaneity.

Think of the times were you have been more alive and vibrant and I can assure you that what you were the least concerned about was wether you were being original, you were just rocking it.

That is the issue with originality, it just comes, it just is. When we look for it, it flees. When we no longer care about it, it comes back. Don’t try. 


This is sort of a relief isn’t it? Originality and authentiity come without force, without push, it just flows.

Now, Just as Seneca did with Epicurus, I’ll use some of his words to end this!

“Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” 
― Seneca

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Vices for Virtues, Thanks Nietzsche.

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I am guilty of reading too much solely the stoics. I also feel I lack a strong opinion in many matters but in my defense I can say that I’m certainly working in developing it. I’m guilty of so many vices, maybe that is the reason, no, that is definitely the reason of why I stumbled into stoicism and loved it so much. Vices are terrible. Let’s name a few:

  • Cowardice
  • Lust
  • Laziness
  • Guilt
  • Malice

You get the idea. Stoicism works as a purifier.  Today, fortunately, I opened Nietzsche as soon as I woke up to get my brain going. He’s terrific in making you think deeply and creatively. I was reading Thus spoke Zarathustra and what he said was just magnificent. He said that our vices are our virtues or potential virtues.

Once you had passions and called them evil. But now you have onlyyour virtues: they grew out of your passions.You set your highest goal in the heart of those passions: then they became your virtues and joys. And though you were of the race of the hot-tempered, or of the lustful, or of the fanatical, or the vengeful; in the end, all your passions became virtues, and all your devils, angels. Once you had wild dogs in your cellar: but they changed at last into birds and charming singers. Out of your poisons you brewed soothing ointments for yourself; you milked your cow of sorrow – now you drink the sweet milk of her udder. And nothing evil grows out of you any longer, unless it be the evil that grows out of the conflict of your virtues.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche.jpgLovely? What a fantastic point of reference and understanding isn’t it?

Our vices become our virtues.

What we need to work the most on, is showed to us bluntly.

If you are a coward (ouch, that sounds pretty harsh) you need to work in your courage and you will develop it if you set the right intentions and work, out of cowardice you’ll construct character and courage.

It is only when we consciously do this that we grow.

It’s hard, it is very hard to look at ourselves honestly and work on what needs to be worked.

Judgment is easier, we see this a lot in society. It’s easier to maintain our personal images intact and judge other people, but I believe that everytime we judge we are actually saying something not of the other person but of ourselves.

The best revenge comes from not being as the one that injured you, at least that gives you the power to work on something within your control, which, stoically, things under your control are the only things you should be worried about.


Human psychology is extraordinarily complex. People will not change unless heavy distress falls upon them. It’s easier to judge and keep our vices to ourselves but then something happens in life, be it age or accident that impedes to keep  hiding the pests. The longer we wait, the harder they’ll be to convert.

A constant work therefore must be done to use our vices as foundations for virtues and so live stoically and proudly.

Nice Monday.

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Be careful with your beliefs

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I’ve been thinking lately about what do people mean to say when they say that your 3.-Ciseri_L-Esule.jpgthoughts manufacture your reality.

A very interesting concept right? I mean, is it true that I can have anything I want just by thinking about it?

It’s pretty obvious that you are not going to make and ice cream in front of you just by imagining it, but at the same time, you can think your way into having one (working and the buying one or so).

As we live, we have to believe in stuff in order to function. Our belief systems determine how we are going to respond to anything that happen to us, so they are extremely important for our survival. We have in our heads a pre manufactured idea of who we are and how is it that we have to act in the world to survive , but we have to be aware that our belief systems are not the ultimate truth but they are sort of tools that we use mentally to thrive.

There is a saying in ancient eastern philosophy that says that in the end, all knowledge will be proven false. This is a very deep quote and not easy to understand at all, but let’s try to see where it takes us to.

So, every knowledge will be proven to be false.

I want to relate this idea to the idea in stoicism that teaches us that things themselves are 225px-Magritte_TheSonOfMannot the problem. Stoicism argues that there are no problems, there are just situations or phenomena but that our judging of it is what makes the problem a problem. So, all knowledge will be proven false? well in a way this makes sense because our “knowledge of things”can be proven false by a higher knowledge and that knowledge by even a higher knowledge  and who knows, knowledge and phenomena being infinite, we are never really going to come to a conclusion.

As human beings we use what we know to act in the world. But there are times in life when we have to literally forget what we know in order to understand life in a higher paradigm. Has that ever happened to you?

A time where you have an  aha moment in which you understand something that was literally in front of you but you hadn’t seen it in that way and therefore you move to a higher paradigm? 

Those experiences makes us  realize that what we thought was true, isn’t anymore and is during those moments that you let other thoughts  mold your life. In this sense I do believe that our  thoughts beliefs, determine what is possible and what isn’t.

So, with this new understanding, what can we do with it?

Well, i would argue that it is our duty to see life as truthfully as possible and to do that , we have to accept constantly that our belief systems are not the final truth.

Why is this important?

This is important because your belief systems determine what is possible and what is eyenot. If you think, even unconsciously, that you are never going to be able to become a lawyer, you will never become one and it’s the same with everything in our lives. Changing Belief systems change the very person that we are. We are always going to maintain our core essence but we have to realize that we must change through life to become whatever it is that we are going to become.

The choice is yours. Don’t get played by other people telling you to take your place and shut up. The choice to become the creator of life is yours, embody that and the possibilities are infinite.


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The importance and joy of being alone

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Words do not come out unless they are completely honest.
Writing is not the same, it becomes dull and nothing important is ever said if it is not written from the heart.
Well, now, there are several things I want to talk about. Let’s see, first i’ll talk about being alone.
I remember when I was in highschool. Everytime we finished an exam we could go


outside and do whatever we wanted for an hour while the other kids finished the exam. I remember so much the feeling of anxiety I had for finishing the examing early and being forced to go out alone. I felt anxious because once outside, I had to see where my group of friends was to feel normal.I only felt at ease when I found them . Pathetic now that I remember. There were so many more other kids and girls I could’ve hanged with but the fear of not-belonging surpassed everything.
Why did I looked so desperately for my friends in high school? Fear of not belonging? belonging to what exactly?
I guess it is a fear deep embedded in us. We crave acceptance. That might have been useful back when we were in the plains of Africa and needed to belong to not be cast out and eaten by a crocodile. It must be, but, is it useful now?
So, acceptance. This gives rise to a problem, a problem of freedom. I was not free back then. I was not free of my fear of rejection, and now that I think about it, I think I’m not that free now that I’m older.
How do you feel when you are alone, not in your house, but in a party? Or any social situation? A bit anxious? Good luck that we have phones right? That way we can pretend we are doing something “important”.
God, It’s good to know this type of things isn’t it? At least now we are aware of the problem of freedom we have.
So, rejection. What is so bad about it?

I think is not the rejection itself, but our fear of it.
The worst thing that can happen in our lives is not doing what we know we want to do. A life dictated by people other than ourselves is not a life worth living.
The answer now is pretty obvious, fear of rejection must be abolished, so the only cure is to get rejected more often to see that nothing really bad happens, really, no fucks given.
This is the a way to regain freedom and take the first step of self-reliance.
Once this essential step is taken a new beginning in our lives emerges.
What happens when others people opinion stops affecting us?

Well, our authentic self shows up, and that is a beautiful moment. Think about it, interactions are no longer molded to fix an imagined self that we create just so that we can be accepted. That anxiety dissolves. The anxiety is there for the fear of being discovered as what we really are, humans.
There is nothing better for other human being than being able to be a human being. To be normal, to let the other persons be normal around you.
This is the joy of being alone. Being alone and happy is a matter of self reliance and maturity, think about it. Why are we always looking for something on our phone? Why do we want to be so hard with people we already know and myabe we don’t evenlike instead of meeting new people? or just standing alone enjoying the music?
I believe the answer is that we don’t really want our lives, or at least we don’t really want to lead our lives and reclaim what is rightfully ours.
We want people in the internet to tell us what is cool, we want our friends to approve us, we want approval from everyone but ourselves. That is simply disgusting and inauthentic. You must set your standards.
To be free we need to accept that not everybody is going to like us and be fine with that. To be free is to be able to stand alone and shine like the sun. To be free we need to give approval, not seek it.
We need to be free from judgement and rejection, that’s the only way to be free and authentic and happy. That’s the only way to be happy being alone.

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Then how can I free myself ?  you ask. You cannot escape necessities, but you can overcome them.” Seneca


Freedom, such a beatiful and grandious word.

Freedom is our highest value and yet, we are not and don’t want to be free at all.

Free form what?

Freedom from care is what I would like to argue. Bear with me, as I organize my ideas.

We all live in our subjective realities. Meanings differ like songs differ from one another. Freedom can be seen in many contexts, depending on the man and on his level of wisdom and understanding.

A vile man would argue that freedom is the satisfaction of every desire, even petty ones. Every food craving, sexual or anything that the body requires to satisfy a hole that can never be really filled. There is no freedom in craving. Pursuing cravings and physical desire uninhibitedly just makes us slaves to those very desires, and so freedom is not achieved.

If freedom is not to be found there, then where do we have to look?

What is freedom anyway? I’d define it as a state, a state in which the individual or the thing itself is not attached to anything outside that mandates a determinate action.

What are those things “outside” of ourselves that mandate action?

We could argue that it can be a tyrant, the state, our families, our cravings, just about everything.

What is truly ours? in ultimate instance?

Victor Frankl, psychiatrist and jew survivor of the holocaust, writes beautifully in his book Man’s search for meaning:

victor franklEverything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

There, deep inside ourselves, lies the last of human freedoms, the capacity to choose our attitude towards fate, only once we have made this choice can we start acting as individuals and speak loudly to fate where it is that we want to go.

In life, there comes a time to make a decision. I’d say it’s the ultimate decision of a human being. That decision is how we are going to look at the world, as an oppressor, or as a friend. How are we going to live, voluntarily or forcefully?

There, in that question freedom takes its true and last meaning, we are free to make that choice and that choice is the most important choice we will ever make.

Albert Einstein backs this.

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”― Albert Einstein

Let me explain.

When we do things forcefully, we don’t enjoy them, we don’t put our light into what we are doing and so we act from darkness. We are not making a choice by living this way, someone is making the choice for us. This is not freedom.

When we choose to act, to grab any challenge that life gives us, we are acting from ourselves, our light is on and we can see things that we couldn’t see in darkness. This is freedom, the choice to act voluntarily and willingly.

This is the ultimate freedom.

Hope you all make the choice to live freedom this very moment.

Best of luck friends or better, inner wisdom.

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