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Freedom, living a lighter life

The Difference Between Freedom as Wings and Freedom As Bag Of Rocks In The Back

Break free from being false, the freedom to be You

How to live life Unrestrained

Freedom Oh dear Freedom

Envy is ignorance imitation is suicide

Stop the courting

Wise and stupid

Stoic Ju-jitsu, win the battle of the mind.

Social media, progress enemy #1

Opportunity cost.

Stop caring about how you look, what they think, what they say, now.

Just start, literally.

Breaking free from social media slavery

Let the fools laugh, it’s a good sign

Liberty or death

Rejection is better than Regret


The Give No F’s Lesson Of Stoicism

Claim what’s yours Claim your time

An antidote for the complaint

The Pathway To Psychological Freedom

An Authentic Man

Are You A Pretender?

Of Progress

How To Find Your Dream And The Time To Do It

Modern Peace Of Mind For A Frantic Society

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Why Do You Do What You Do

How Can You Make Decisions The Most Effectively?


You Are Not Using Your Most Important Asset

The Hard to Get, at First, Good Life

The right way to travel

Abundance of power

Stoicism and quotes

On the god within us

If, Rudyard Kipling

Lessons In Defeat

Enjoy the painful process of learning


You have to lose to learn

A Stoic Dad

Two ways of living

Problems are good

Memento Mori, Carpe Diem

Opportunity cost.

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters

How To Properly Win In Life

What Human Beings Can Be, They Must BE


Stoicism and Power

On life navigation

The Absurdity Of A Pandemic

On Gratitude and revolution


Fortune is not to be trusted


One Solution For All Of Your Problems

How To Trick Procrastination

How To Enjoy Life, Right Now

How to Think Right

Meaningful work

Stop wishing for the future, live immediately

Learning Faster

Responsibility and power

Start strong, keep strong , finish strong

Virtue is its own reward

Why bother?

How to start and push through the darkness of creativity

Don’t Try To Be, Be.

How To Find Your Passion, No Bullshit

What to do when people look down on you?

Why And How To Focus On The Present Moment

The more you give the more you get

2020 A Different Approach

Easy Life, Hard Life

Tools for Reasoning: Authority bias

How To Learn Effectively


The Most Important Defense Against Any Virus

Lessons In Stoicism From COVID-19

How to use Anxiety as a Weapon

Self-Conquest, In Search For Meaning

Amor Fati as an act of rebellion

One Simple Trick To Be Powerful, NOW

Jocko Willink on Amor Fati

The present moment, willingness for action


Confidence is a choice

Ralph Waldo Emerson on Maturity


Walk the talk

Fuel for excellence

Get your hands dirty

Great Responsibility = Great Power

Relief for Anxiety, without pills

One simple formula for bravery

The Unlimited Power At Hand

The Only Decision

The mad lust for wins is getting in your way

The Obstacle Is The Way

Miserably happy

Excellence, change, and mindset

How To Be More Assertive

Of Progress

Warmth and Inner-Fire

How To Win Confidence (Real Confidence)

How To Find Peace When You Feel Like Crap

Reducing Cognitive dissonance

How To Control Conflicting Emotions

How to Think Right

How To Find Peace When You Feel Like Crap

Conflict and Truth

How to discuss correctly

How to think clearly

No Surprises

How to make your mind whole and focused

Modern problems, distraction and lack of time

Separation of tasks

Why you need to figure out philosophy to win at life

Sound minded

Modern Peace Of Mind For A Frantic Society

Why And How To Focus On The Present Moment

Are You In Control?

Stoic Paradigms


How To Forgive Anyone

Independent Thinking, please

Where Are You Putting Your Attention ?

The Mindset Shift to Turn Conflict Into Cooperation

The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters

Stoic People

Stoic Personages, David Fucking Goggins

Wim Hof