Stoicism is a branch of philosophy developed in Ancient Greece and Rome, it has three main major philosophers: Seneca, Epictetus and the great, Marcus Aurelious.

Its main focus is on the practice of virtue, as they say, virtue is the sole good. Stoicism is a practical philosophy, it deals with problems now, in real life.

Basically, the stoics argued that the only thing we can control is ourselves and our response to what happens to us. When you make this realization, you will understand just how much power you truly have.

Stoic answers intends to teach and debate modern problems using stoic philosophy.

We believe that stoic philosphy is the best possible solution for our lives. Everthing starts in the mind, and with the right mindset, a stoic mindset, we will make a the world a better place.

You can convert yourself and become as powerful as you can be