The Ripe Feeling of Maturity

“It is not easy to maintain a coherent sense of identity, self-worth, or competence in the face of multiple and chronic challenges to old patterns.” — Michael Mahoney

The more you grow, the more you begin to find yourself, to fit the pieces of the puzzle of your soul.

The more you grow up the more you realize that things take time and also that things are not going to change unless you yourself change. Change happens within. Things also take time, and daily, consistent effort, nothing great ever happens too soon. Realizing this is achieving a degree of maturity.

But there are many degrees. When you think that you’ve achieved maturity because you are now a patient man and can endure enough struggle for the “good times” to come while standing in the rain and suffering it through, you realize that you should always take the “good times” with you for you’ll never find them anywhere else than inside, therefore, maturing even more.

Do we ever stop growing and learning? I don’t think so.

The capacity to live life without the burden of being scared for the things that may come to happen, that’s maturity.

Maturity also means to be able to rely on yourself and on your powers and to trust them enough to know that whenever a situation calls forth to them, you will be able to rise up to the challenge. Hell, you’ll be happy about the mere opportunity of testing yourself.

“Maturity is the capacity to endure uncertainty.” — John Finley

I’d add to the quite, “with a freaking smile in your face”.

Thanks for reading,

Ricardo Guaderrama

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  1. We are the clay and the artist.
    There was a lyric from a 70s song
    “And I don’t know who I am,but life
    Is for learning” have a good Wednesday Ricardo

  2. Thank you for your posts.
    I always smile when I receive your notifications, and I wanted you to know that what you do is truly appreciated…

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