The Obstacle Is The Way

No wonder Ryan Holiday chose this title for his book.

The Obstacle Is The Way, always, always, always, always, always.

Do you have something bugging you in your head? Taxes? Your economy? Come on, I’m sure there is something, there is always something. The truth is that there is nothing to do about it but to confront it.

Years can go by without us confronting what needs to be confronted and in our minds, we think that nothing happens, “I’m just going to let it go”. Sometimes that is the best way forward, but other times what’s happening is that we are just postponing our advancement in life, just staying stuck for the lack of courage to make a decision of what is it going to happen with what we know needs to be addressed.

So, the best we (you) can do is to confront it.

Now, there are different ways of confronting what needs to be confronted. What’s the best way? The way of reason of course.

Sometimes our problems keep being problems because we are just lazy thinkers. Lazy to grab a book on the subject and figure the best way to deal with whatever problem you have.

I assure you, whichever “insurmountable” (sometimes they are insurmountable, trust me I know, excuse the sarcasm) problem you may have, has already been experienced and solved by someone else. I assure you that there is a book pertaining to the problem you have and how he or she solved it.

We are all different, but, we are also very, very alike. This is for our benefit, as there are literally thousands of books that can aid you in whichever obstacle you found yourself at the moment.

So, now that we know that any obstacle you’ll ever have has already happened to someone before you and that you can deal with it with the help of us, your fellow humans. There is one more thing you need to know.

And that is.

Will and faith. 

Will and faith. You need to make the decision to engage, to begin, to make the google search, anything, but begin and then to prepare. Once you feel that you are prepared and ready to take the difficult conversation or begin that business, brother, you need to have faith. Not faith as in wishing to go in a certain way, but Alan Watts faith, the type of faith were you “Let go”. Once you’ve done your research, your reading, you need to engage. How will you know you will be successful, you don’t. That’s why faith is for, I hope you win, I really do, but, if you don’t, well, the obstacle will still be the way. 

You may be having the best time of your life, you may be going through a rough spot, either way, there is always a way forward. You know where that way lies for you.

Lastly, Goethe.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

a great complement to this read: Start

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