The wings of Time are black and white,
Pied with morning and with night.
Mountain tall and ocean deep
Trembling balance duly keep

The universe is a constant dance of two forces, man and woman, light and dark, pain and joy. We act as if we didn’t know this and expect to live in an everlasting happiness and blissful state, but there cannot be happines if there is no pain and there cannot be courage if there is no fear.

You don’t want perfection, perfection is the end of the game and you don’t want the gamefranz-stuck-40 to end, better to be perfectly imperfect, there will always be room to become better at something, until the end. We need our problems, we need our obstacles, they are the fuel for our flourishing, we become better because of them and life would not be without them. It is a constant dance, or wrestle, as Marcus Aurelius would compare it, a necessary wrestle, however.

The obstacle is the way in so many senses.

If you want to fix your car, you have to address the mechanical obstacle/problem for it to work. If you want to fix yourself or if you prefer, improve yourself, because there are things that could be better, always, you aim towards what could be better and get to work.

Our shortcomings are the indicators for what we can overcome. Fear is not eliminated when you are courageous, it is overcome. And so is the same with pain and joy, we overcome pain, not eliminate it. When you realize this, you feel your limitations as opportunities to practice virtue, because virtue is indeed a constant practice.

Knowing this, arm yourself with the clean and mighty sword or virtue, fight your dragons and be grateful that you have the opportunity to fight them.

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