Problems are good

55aeaa8f002f4d047f5cfa5b06921ca4In life, you are going to be given a huge compilation of problems that you can choose to solve or not, but you are going to be given problems anyway.

The word “problem” has a negative sound to it. It shouldn’t, problems are just as part of life as breathing. They also present you with opportunity, in fact, opportunities are disguised as problems. Our problems show us the way.

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

― Marcus Aurelius

Don’t know where to go and what to do with your life? Don’t think positive, instead, think about what annoys you the most, what is it that you don’t like and want to change? That is where you want to go.

In Dante’s Inferno, the way out was at the very center of hell. Life is just the same. dantes-inferno-c1520-grangerProblems are not going away, they will wait for you to rise over them and become better because of it. 

Happiness isn’t something static, it changes, and it comes every time you solve a problem, you don’t want to run from them but solve them.

You can measure a man by the size of his problems.

Eric Greitens talks about “The Frontline” in his book Resilience, which I highly recommend. I’ll let him explain it himself.

As a Navy SEAL, you understood the word “frontline” to mean the place where you met the enemy. The frontline was where battles were fought and fates decided. The frontline was a place of fear, struggle, and suffering. It was also a place where victories were won, where friendships of a lifetime were forged in hardship. It was a place where we lived with a sense of purpose.

But “Frontline” isn’t just a military term. You have a frontline in your life now. In fact, everyone has a place where they encounter fear, where they struggle, suffer, and face hardship. We all have battles to fight. Eric Greitens 

Do you know your frontline? I’m sure you do. Get on it.

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