Stop wishing for the future, live immediately

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”  ― Albert Camus I’ll do it tomorrow, and tomorrow never comes. I have to say, even though I might sound like a total braggart,  I have an incredibly high expectancy of “future me”. In my head “I know” that future me will be wiser,Continue reading “Stop wishing for the future, live immediately”

Virtue is its own reward

So, you say, what good do I get [from virtue]? But what more good do you want than this? Instead of being a shameless man you will become a dignified man, instead of chaotic you will become organized, from being untrustworthy you will become trustworthy, instead of being out of control you will become sane. If you want anything more than this, keepContinue reading “Virtue is its own reward”