Social media, progress enemy #1

Have you ever had one of those days in which you were so busy living that you are just ready to sleep? Going to work and killing it, getting home and eating a gloriously crafted dinner with your family, going to the gym and ending it with a beer with a friend, getting back home, proud of the day.

Those days are amazing, aren’t they?

It’s as if we are no longer waiting to live, we are actually living.

This is why it is so extremely important to concentrate on what is meaningful and get on it, fast. Life can be compared, in its entirety, to one of this days, in which we go to bed happy and content.

Today, we have so many distractions, it is scary. Especially social media, social media is managed by the same social engineers that study Las Vegas slot machine, clients retainment. They literally pay them to get you to stay scrolling as long as possible. Social media is designed to consume your time and your attention, the two most important assets you have if you ask me.

And much harm is done even by one who holds you back, especially since life is so short, and we make it even shorter with our unsteadiness. By making ever fresh new beginnings in life, now one and immediately another.


There is a constant bugger, telling us what life should be about.

There is a never-ending flow of advertising material telling you that you are not complete without the new iPhone or the new pair of shoes or the latest car model. We live in the age of anxiety, always running from ourselves.

In Seneca’s letter to Lucilious, On progress, he begins the letter by saying that he is proud he hasn’t heard about Lucilious in a while, for that means that he is working and not busy in other affairs. The problem in achieving great things is that progress is silent, and everyone craves for attention all the time.

Ironic, the only thing that can really give you all that you wish for, is work, conscious work, but we are so busy getting away from it that we just waste time and make no progress.

Oh, when shall you see the time when you shall know that time means nothing to seneca-3you,    when you shall be peaceful and calm, careless of the morrow, because you are enjoying your life to the full?


Once you do start making progress, you realize how much of a fool you were for thinking that all the shiny objects were the possessors of happiness. You will realize that a fully lived life is what matters. Right here, right now.

Do you know what makes men greedy for the future? It is because no one has found himself yet


So, ask yourself, what it is that truly matters to you? What do you have to do to get there? And with the boldness of a hawk, get on it.

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