Start strong, keep strong , finish strong

Monday is an important day.

Being the first day of the week, it defines how our week begins. Start strong and surely you’ll keep strong through the week.

Steven Pressfield argues in the war of art that the hardest part for a writer is not the writing itself, but to sit down to write.

Monday is just the same, you have to start it.

As I was reading Seneca to get some inspiration I found the letter “The God within us”, and was quite amused by it. Self-reliance is a paramount stoic virtue, but what exactly is the self and what is it so powerful within us that we can give enough trust to rely that which is most precious to us, our lives?

That precious entity within us is God himself, the soul as Seneca names it, and so we rely ourselves on God himself, on the god within us, in a sense we are God.

God is like the sun. It shines upon everything, it is its own source of energy and light.mountain-sunrise-background-wallpaper-1.jpg

So, in human life, in you and in me, how does this divinity function? how can we access this divinity within us?

That is a good question.

Can you remember the moments that you felt the strongest or better said, can you remember any time you felt like a god?

Well, now that I come to think of it, I’ll share with you what my experience of divinity is like.

It is playful. It is, powerful. It’s quite unreactive as well. It’s fun. Actually, I really cannot name any bad quality pertaining this feeling of grandeur, it is not an arrogant attitude as some might think. It feels quite honestly like love, it shines energy it is a feeling of sufficingness that is not concerned with anything but play.

On the contrary, when that feeling of divinity is forgotten. A void of un-sufficingness arises and a quest to fill it begins. What you begin to look for is that feeling of divinity again.

It’s paradise lost.

It’s strange how easily divinity can be forgotten but it happens. Self-reliance, which is this divinity, is thought to be somewhere else, somewhere other than ourselves.

This is what fuels society and ourselves when we are not conscious of the god within us.

Our light is blocked by our desires, worldly, material and petty desires. And we begin to think that they will give us that which we are looking for, so we begin to look for the light in sex, food, and anything that might give us just a glimpse, but it feels hollow. How else could it be?

Foolishly we look for power instead of exerting that power.

This is something that I keep forgetting and must come to reflect from time to time, but today Monday, I wish to know that divinity within myself and hope that you know it too.

Start strong, keep strong, finish strong.

Stoic answers aim is to provide answers to the deepest human questions, which sadly, are almost always never asked.

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