Why as a Stoic you need to laugh

Ok, Marcus Aurelius had to literally wage a war against the barbarians, think about that for just one second, war, terror and blood.

Stoicism means business, stoicism is a practical philosophy.

People that use stoicism as a way of life, seem, to me at least, as very serious personalities. I don’t blame them. Most people get introduced to stoicism during harsh times (war, crisis) in their lives (including myself). Harsh times require just one thing, action, massive action.

I believe the harsh times are the beginning of philosophy. Stoicism teaches men that spirit can triumph over everything and this is when the bad times become a blessing for this are the times that we begin to live properly.

It is not uncommon then that such characters as the following used stoicism as a way of life. To name a few:

Theodore Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Tim Ferris
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bill Clinton
When you think about a stoic, what comes to your mind? A serious face maybe? Or an unemotional face?

When I first identified this philosophy I related it with being real serious and controlled, almost tense. Time passes and my understanding deepens. Everytime I read Emmerson a grin appears in my face.

I imagine a stoic now as a smiling individual, a grin that tells that he know something. He knows that there is nothing that can damage his spirit, and he has therefore found peace. I imagine a stoic laughing now, cheerfully.

Donation for the cause

A stoic boldly leaps into life, he does not question himself whether to act or not, the decision has already been made, we want to help you become a stoic. Thanks for the support







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