Jimi Hendrix lesson on authenticity

So, I wanted to improve a prewritten article, but as Jimi Hendrix plays this:

It’s just impossible to not find some inspiration. There is something about this song that touched me, very deeply.

Have you come to a point to your life, were you know who you are and what is it exactly that you have to do?

Personally I’m still finding that out, sometimes, somedays I see the light quite clearly, somedays I think to much and no answers arrive, but hey, it’s all about keep searching.

But this song, oh this song is just the pure definition of authenticity and individualism.


That is a nice word. What comes to your mind when you think about an individual, better yet. An authentic individual?

There is something about this song that tells me what an authentic individual is. That song does not speak about perfection and yet it is perfect. It’s a song charged with feeling man. It has sadness and a cool in it and hope and courage. And watch what I’m doing! I’m speaking the feeling it evoked in me, what feelings does the song evoke in you? We are all different, we’re all filled with so many different experiences it’s just amazing to think about how unique we all are.

That is authenticiy. Jimi’s song is not a happy song, it is a deep song. Now, Jimi was cool


as fuck, and what I think made him that way, was his authenticity. He literally uses everything in him and puts it in the song, man that’s vulnerability, nothing speaks to us more to the core than vulnerability.

We are always trying to hide something, try to look tough or manipulate conversations and relationships. I have done it. It’s not real, and it’s definetely not cool. We are always trying to hang on to what we feel is cool, but what is really cool is what is real.

Real is happy, real is love, real is everything.

Authenticity is using every bit of our unique beings to paint life with our unique color.

God that is a good song.

Vulnerabilty requires courage. That’s the real stoic attitude. I imagine Seneca and Marcus rocking to this song, saying: This is definetly it!

There is great power in becoming who we really are. Authentic individuals.

Donation for the cause

A stoic boldly leaps into life, he does not question himself whether to act or not, the decision has already been made, we want to help you become a stoic. Thanks for the support



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