You and I with our magical and amazing eyes. We are completely blind to the world. I was reading Jordan Peterson 12 Rules for Life and this psychological problem caught my cropped-cropped-marcus-aurelious-head.jpgattention greatly. Think right now about your eyes, they are looking directly at this words right now, you are blind to everything else. Your peripheral vision sees everything blurry or not at all while you’re reading. Your concentration right now is in this paragraph, if it has interested you enough, but, everything else does not exist for you at the moment. We are not aware of almost nothing, how could be? I would be certainly impossible. The way in which we perceive the immensity is reducing our focus to very narrow and specific things.

Let’s do another exercise, think about your work life. What are you options? do you have any? or you just have not taught about it? Now, think about your love life, what are you possibilites? Are there more? If you grab a pen and a sheet of paper right now, you’d be amazed at how much things are in our heads but we are not aware of them.

When everything is going good, we do not think much, we don’t need to and so we fall into comfort, which is not a bad thing, but too much comfort and it gets boring, too much comfort and you start living in quiet desperation.

If we get too comfortable however, things tend to get out of control. If a relationship is not nourishes and taken care of for example, it will break. Breakups are terrible and sad, but after the process has taken long enough, we begin to see things that were not in our sight. Different ways of seeing the world emerge.

There is a world full of opportunity, right in front of us, but we are, most of the time, to 225px-Magritte_TheSonOfManblind to see it. We think that we are never going to fall in love again, but then we do. We think that if we get fired, the whole thing will just blow up. Calamity is terrible, but it is also a mine, a mine of lessons and opportunity.

Fate, either go with it, or be pulled by it .

Never underestimate the power of a pen and a piece of paper. Problems are solveable, and the solutions are out there, but we are blind to them, and to see the light we most put some effort.

Strenght and honor

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A stoic boldly leaps into life, he does not question himself whether to act or not, the decision has already been made, we want to help you become a stoic. Thanks for the support


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