Valor and courage, sweet oh sweet words. I was watching a J. Peterson youtube video about how do people gain courage. Apparently, the world is filled with darkness and chaos, suffering is a certified attribute for every human being and being scared is really, really justifiable.

The question is, why aren’t we running scared all the time, why do we choose to face bravely life as it comes to us. Why do heroes emerge?

There are few qualities as praised as courage. Courage is the act of facing fear, facing danger and suffering. Everybody wants courage but few gain it, and there is the secret, courage is to be gained.

Our default mode is laziness, fear and inaction. We love comfort and hate discomfort, but not so much. Henry David Thorough coined the perfect words for the reality of most men, quiet desperation. The state of inaction is spiteful, men suffer from it more than from dead. If only we could all realize this, it is better to be dead than to be dead-alive. We most gain our part of heaven here on earth and it is gained through action and facing of fear. This sounds really romantic and epic and it sounds that way because it IS that way.

Back to normal life, how could we get out of quiet desperation? Facing stuff everytime we can. To live fully is to live truthfully and we most search truth, think about your truth. What is it that you really want, and how can you start getting it, then face everything that stands in the way, every obstacle you face will advance your truth and put you to the test, every obstacle you take down will give arm you with more and more courage and so you will become the lord of your life.

Strength and honor friend.








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