Meaning and friendship

Inspiration is not to be seeked, inspiration just comes whenever she wants, no force is needed as we should know that she will eventually come. Where does inspiration comes from?

There is inspiration in fear, for fear of something happening we move, that is pretty good if a lion is chasing us, only the fear inspired are among us now. But, where else? When have been the times you have been the most inspired in your life? What is is that makes that inner rabbit run maddily happy?3756898604d4543011b2069bcb20986b

In truth it comes when we set our minds to do something, that sparks comes with our choosing, like right now as I was trying to write things about inspiration I was precisely trying, not actually writing. This is the secret, we do not look for inspiration, we just set ourselves to do something and do it, badly and ugly at first but eventually good and inspired.

This led me to think about the phrase of “do not try to be the man, be the man”. Time, time runs oh so fast and we get older and older without notice. All the time waste it thinking that there’s plenty and that someday we’ll be able to be something or someone, but what we don’t realize, is that that time will never arrive, the decision is made now, that is why if you are going to “be the man/ athlete / artist, you have to be it and embodied it right now, do not wait for inspiration, it will come eventually.

The following situation happens a lot in my life. I happen to be with a group of people, smoking or having a beer, other times giving a beer tasting to bartenders. Then we start talking more deeply, searching for some of the truths in life, and from time to time, aeaehwtsomeone says something very personal and very, very deep or happens to know about the topic a lot so he comments on something pretty witty, and what happens next is that you see his partners dragging him down on his wittiness. You can literally see that people do not stand someone being a bit better. Humiliation and laughter comes to those who want to achieve greatness, not for nothing it is commonly said that it is very lonely up there.

This makes total sense, in modern world, no one chooses something for themselves, everything is prechoosed, it takes guts and courage to speak for oneself and from truth. It takes guts and courage to start a business and be successful against all odds and people don’t like to be reminded of unsuccessfulness for lack of courage and determination. This lead me to think, that the path of greatness, has a lot of tears in it, of joy and of sadness, but oh what a wonderful path, the path of truth.

It is hard to find friends, true friends wish you the best, and the themselves wish the best Amor-Fati-1024x680for them as well. J. Peterson says that if you would not have a “friend” of yours be friend of your family, why are you friend with him anyways? A true friend is someone that pushes you to the top, you see, what do you prefer, being dragged down or being pulled down?

I wish we could all help to pull us up a bit everyday, that is a good aim.

Good morning Friend, Thank you for reading.


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