10 minutes, BEGIN

29198Writting is a wonderful thing, it’s the materalization of speech, speech is what god used to create the earth and all the living things in it, so speech is good. Writting crystalizes the thoughts that we have in our heads and sets order in the constant chaotic flux of ideas that inhabit our heads.

Everyday, I try to write in the mornings for 10 minutes and then start my day. It’s free writting, I can talk really about anything and am not constricted by anything, but today, today I lost all of my pens so I’m doing it right here, hey that is what a blog is for isn’t it, just for the world to see your thoughts.

A blog, if personal, is very intimate. Not a lot of readers come to read anyone’s blog and that is magical. Why do some persons feel attracted to other persons? what do we see hear or read in each other that makes us feel attracted towards them?

I believe we see ourselves in others, all the time. For the better and for the worst, you see, we do not really know anyone as well as we know ourselves and what we do is that we project what we like and what we don’t like of us in others.

Interesting thought isn’t it? I simply love that way of seeing, because it is practical. Do you remember the saying? “The best revenge is not being as the one that injured you”? Well it is precisely this, if we see something bad in someone, or worst, someone did something bad to us, that is a chance to go inside ourselves and see what needs to get some work done, it puts light in our own problems and mishandlings, and that way we can begin to fix them. We do not become what we hate , and that truly is the best revenge.

10 minutes are over, I’ll put this on the category of shot morning writtings. I appreciate the time you took to read this and wish you a terrific day friend.

Good Morning!

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