The #1 skill you need for SUCCESS.

What you give is what you get.

It is that simple. Every business and work exists for something, it need to get something done, because there are needs outside that need to be met. When you become a problem solver, you literally become superman in work life.

The most important skill in business is contribution , the ability to search for what is needed, not just sitting “working” waiting for the job to finish but actually solving people problems from the position you are in, it can be any position. If you happen to be on a call center, you can focus on solving the problem of your costumer fast and quick. Great workers, are always on demand.

Peter Drucker argues in his book “The effective executive” that there are two kinds of people in an organization.

The man who focuses on efforts and who stresses his downward authority is a subordinate no matter how exalted his title and rank. But the man who focuses on contribution and who takes responsibility for results, no matter how junior, is in the most literal sense of the phrase, “top management.” He holds himself accountable for the performance of the whole.

Great workers, are always on demand.

Now, how can you know how to contribute? Always, always focus on results, ask yourself, in what situation you are, that you can do the one thing that is going to benefit the most. What is the attitude that is needed, what is the specific actions within your work that are needed. What will make everyone lives better.

Contribution is extremely egotistical. Remember, the more you give, the more you get. This   is not something bad, this is something good for all of us.




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