Why purpose will save you and how to know what your purpose is.


Having a purpose will save your life and every one of us, there are two paths in life, the generative, and the degenerative. The difference between this two is the acceptance of responsibility, or the denying of it.

I want to tell the story of Cane and Abel, (personally I’m not a religious person, but religious moral context has no parallel). The story goes likes this, Cane and Abel were brothers, bought of them praised god, but Abel, Abel was really fortunate, he did really good in life, had lots of sheep and bread to eat, had his beautiful wife, and everything you could say makes a happy life. Cane however, did not have any of these things and became bitter. He was so angry, that he yelled at god ( as many of us do when faced with hardship) why has all that happening to him and not to Abel his brother, and god responded that all that was happening to him was simply because of his evil ways. Cane was furious, and what he did, because of god’s answer, was taking revenge. He killed his brother out of jealousy and resentment to god, he chose, as Yoda would say, the dark side.


Remember at the beginning that i mentioned the two roads? Well, here it is plainly explained, what Abel did, that Cane refused to do, was assume responsibility.

Cane wanted to kill his ideal (Abel) what he would ideally wanted and killed it because of lack of responsibility and feeling entitled to what he wanted.

When we lose our ideals, we are lost, don’t go around killing your dreams (purpose) and getting bitter, we don’t want to be bitter we want to get better.

Now, let throw some science to this concept. When you live a rat alone, in a cage, with nothing to do, basically just free to do well, anything, and you give the rat cocaine, the rat will be addicted. However, if you throw the rat with other rats and they are doing rat stuff, and you throw some cocaine to the cage, the will not get addicted. The same applies for humans.

Lack of responsibility for standing up and getting what you want, is evil. It really manifests itself as evil.

Now, how can I know what my purpose is? This question is not an easy one, but a better place to start is precisely with this word, “better”, remember the word “bitter” well this worlds are greatly intertwined, you want to become better, not bitter. 

Choose always to accept everything as your responsibility, if you don;t like something, go ahead and do what you can to change it, always. This gives you great power, responsiblity gives you great power because now you can choose to act, and how you are going to do it, you become resourceful.

Just ask your head, what would be the best possible thing I could do in any given situation, and the answer will start popping.

Get Better, not Bitter.

If you do this, over and over again, your purpose will come smacking you in the face to follow it, at first it will not be obvious, but as you get better and better it will be.

Living your purpose will make other people do the same, and as more and more people choose the right path, everything is just going to get better and better.

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