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What’s the best way to live?

I am Ricardo Guaderrama. Everyday I ask myself that question and the best answers I’ve found come from the Stoics and like minded people. One thing that these people have in common is that they are tough and brave, but compassionate and caring as well. They are smart and applied, but they also enjoy their lives to the fullest. Stoic Answers is a place of inquiry, a place to decipher how to live your life to the fullest, regardless of your circumstances.

No bullshit advice coming from the greatest minds humanity ever produced.

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The Case for Insight

“If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid.”― Epictetus Enough of improving Epictetus. It seems like everything in Stoicism is about improving, about making yourself better, all the time. But that’s now the only thing I care about. The concept of insight is superbly interesting, alluring. Just like the concept ofContinue reading “The Case for Insight”

How To Be Free From Care As If You Were Drunk, But Sober

“Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.” ― Henry Lawson Wasn’t that quote from Benjamin Franklin? Well for time’s sake, let us stick with Henry’s, all right? Being drunk is fantastic, isn’t it? Nervous about talking to that cute girl? Here you go, sir, have a beer, how about two? Ah,Continue reading “How To Be Free From Care As If You Were Drunk, But Sober”

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